Pastor’s Pen: Deer in the dark

By Layton Dutton

Associate Pastor of Youth

Calvary Baptist Church


He sat glaring into the darkness. When he arrived he could barely make his way to the blind, but soon rays of light would break through the brisk cold of opening day. Slowly, as the minutes of anticipation tick by, he begins to make out shapes through his scope. There’s the old tree that has been there for as long as he can remember. He used to climb that ‘ole tree.

What a sight….wait. As he sat reminiscing, he noticed something laying down right in the middle of the field. In the darkness he never even noticed the shape. It had melted into the scenery so well that the antlers seemed to be part of a nearby bush. But now the light revealed a different story. He lined up his sight, waiting for the perfect opportunity. As the buck gently rose in grandeur, the hunter clearly saw the wide tines and no less than ten points. How did he sit his blind so long without even noticing the buck that would soon adorn the wall of his living room?

How could that hunter have missed seeing such a nice buck? Simply put, it was dark. A lot of what we call beauty and grandeur in the light is completely missed when the sun sets beyond the horizon. Christ, while talking with Nicodemus in the dark, mentions this same thing. In John 3:20-21, Christ says, “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”

Many times we like to hide in the dark. We know that our “deeds are evil”. We don’t want the truth to shine on us and show just how unholy we truly are. We don’t mind throwing someone else’s dirty deeds into the light, but leave our filth alone.

We just don’t realize the grandeur we’re missing by sitting in the dark. Just like that hunter couldn’t see a nice buck in the dark, we miss out on a full life when we refuse to step into the light. We like to think we’re fine, but we’re not. However, a true Christ-follower will purposely seek out the light. They know it will reveal sin, but they are ready to change. They also know that as they follow Christ it will emphasize God’s work. Their life is a living testimony of God’s mercy and power causing other to glorify God along with them (Matthew 5:16).

So where is your life? Is there something you’re hiding in the dark hoping no one discovers it? Love the truth. Come into the light and live in the light glorifying your Father in heaven.