Pastor’s Pen: Choose to love

By Layton Dutton

Associate Pastor of Youth

Calvary Baptist Church


As a parent it’s your job to provide for your child and to protect them.

The ways you are to do this change as they get older, but the idea is still the same. Let’s say your child goes outside to play. You go out and they aren’t in the back yard. You look around and find them playing in the middle of the road. They haven’t a care in the world as they roll their toy truck along the pavement, just like the big ones.

You would hurriedly race out to the road, grab up your son and run back into the yard.

You then say, with your heart racing and voice in a bit of a tremor, “Why would you play in the road?” Your son answers, “Because I love it.”

How would you then respond? Would you say, “Ok, since you love it. Go ahead and play in the road.”? Most definitely not! You may say something like, “Well the road is dangerous. You have toys here in the backyard. You need to learn to love playing back here.”

“Learn to love”? Can we do that? Can we learn to love something? If you ever changed your diet, you may have learned to love some healthier food options. People who drink coffee must have also learned to love that.

We can learn to love. We can choose to love. In fact, love is a choice. Husbands are told, “…love your wives…” (Ephesians 5:25). Christ-followers are told, “Love one another…” (John 13:34-35). And we are also told, “…love your enemies…” (Matthew 5:44).

There are times your wife may get on your nerves. There may be other Christians that rub you the wrong way. There may be people who just plain don’t like you and would want to harm you. What does Christ say? Love them. It’s a choice. A husband chooses to love his wife. A Christian chooses to love other Christians. And a Christ-follower chooses to love his enemies. We choose whom we love.

Are you choosing to love your wife, your brother in Christ and your enemy or are you choosing to ignore them?

Love is, first of all, a choice.