Pastor’s Pen: Add Some Romance

By Layton Dutton

Associate Pastor of Youth

Calvary Baptist Church


When your child is in trouble, you react. A parent once recounted a time he took his child to a school party. His son came into the party excited for a great time, but that’s not what happened. While his father was only a few steps behind the rest of the kids started yelling out, “Look at the fat blob!” His son’s demeanor quickly went from joyful to destroyed. He was beaten down by those words. The father said he wanted to take each of those kids and use them as a piñata. He took his son and left, but the father had emotions built up in him. Why? Because he loved his son. That love brought about emotions.

Last week, we said that “love is a choice”. I choose whom I love. That is true, but it is also “accompanied by emotion”. Emotion is part of our lives. Unless there is a medical malady, we all become emotional. It may be excitement at a sporting event, sorrow at the passing of a loved one or joy over your child’s great accomplishment. We have emotions and love involves emotions.

This means when I love someone there will be some emotional response. The bible tells us, “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church.” (Ephesians 5:25) There was emotion involved in Christ’s love for the church and there should be emotion in a husband’s love for his wife. I like Dr. Voddie Bauchum’s description of emotion for his wife. Allow me to summarize:

“After speaking, I get on the first thing smokin’ to get home. It takes me 22 minutes to get to my house from the airport. I try to do it in 19. I park in the garage and try to remember to shut off the car before going in the house. Why? Because the first thing I wanna do is open the door and watch that beautiful…beautiful black creature that God gave me walk across the floor and say, ‘Come here, girl!’.”

There’s still romance in their marriage. Love isn’t led by emotion. We don’t let our emotions direct where we go, but love is not void of emotion. Love is a choice that is accompanied by emotion.

Are you letting your emotions lead you? Especially for those dating, that’s the issue. Make the godly choice of whom to love.

Are you showing the one you chose to love the emotions that come with love? They are more valuable than your job, sport’s team or golf game. Show them some loving emotion today.