Pastor’s Pen: A fifth grade science lesson

Here is an actual fifth grade science question:

Which of the following is true about all living things?

A. They all have two parents.

B. They are all exact copies of their parents

C. They all have young that look like small adults.

D. They all come from other living things.

A. There are organisms that produce asexually, that is with only one parent; therefore, A is not correct.

B. If you simply look at someone’s children then you know that we are not exact copies of our parents; therefore, B is not correct.

C. It’s also easy to tell that not all young look like small adults. Some young look very different; therefore, C is not correct.

The correct answer is D. All living things come from other living things.

This is a scientific fact commonly called biogenesis.

Why do I bring this up? Simple. The statement is made in science books and by scientists that all living things come from other living things; however, evolution would state that we originated from something nonliving. There was some energy source or some explosion that was nonliving which resulted in something that was living.

Compare that with the Genesis account of creation. It states the same. The earth came from nothing. The stars came from nothing. The land and sea came from nothing. And people came from dirt. This also goes against the scientific fact that “all living things come from other living things.”

But in creation there is a slight difference. The creation account doesn’t really start with nothing. It starts with something – something living. God, a living being, spoke the world into place and “formed the man from the dust of the ground” and “made a woman from the rib He had taken out of the man.” Without disrespect to Almighty God; man, a living thing, came from God, a living thing. As proven by Louis Pasteur, “life today does not exist without being contaminated by existing life.”

Scientifically, evolution and creation are both theories. Neither can be duplicated nor observed. Even creation begins with God, who apparently has always been. Both theories take faith – faith in a God that always existed or faith in a nonliving thing that resulted in living things.

To me, creation seems much closer to scientific fact, but it’s up to you where you want to place your faith.

For further reading on the Creation account, see Genesis 1-2.