PASTOR'S PEN: A chocolate chip life

When you have creamed together butter, sugar and vanilla, after you have completed beating in the eggs, when the flour, baking soda and salt have all been stirred together, and the creamed mixture has been gradually added in, you now have the basic dough of a cookie. But those are not the final ingredients. You now have a decision to make: Do you want to add chocolate chips? If you leave them out you will still have a cookie and it will taste pretty good; but if you add them in it will make the cookie gooey and chocolatey and all-the-more delicious.

Chocolate chip cookies are just cookies if you don’t add the chocolate chips. They’ll still have some good taste and can be warm, but you will miss out on the melted chocolate that is featured in a chocolate chip cookie. You can leave them out if you want, but I don’t recommend it.

We tend to do the same thing with God. We treat Him like chocolate chips. We add Him into life when we want Him and leave Him out if we don’t. God made life in such a way that it is enjoyable and we can take pleasure in it. 1 Timothy 6:17 tells us that “God richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” He created this world that we might enjoy it. God provides sun and rain to the just and the unjust (Matthew 5:45). We can take pleasure in life while focused on God or when leaving Him out, but life it much better with Him in it. Jesus Himself said in John 10:10, “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” God desires for you to have an abundant, overflowing life and He provided the way to make it so. And, since He created it and is all-knowing, He knows the best and most joyous way to live it.

Now some of us say, “I want God, but only in parts of my life.” You want Him in Sunday worship, prayer time and Bible reading, but like picking chocolate chips out of a lump of cookie dough, you want to pick God out of your Facebook posts, movie watching, friendships and workplace attitude. You think God is thankful for the privilege to at least be a small part of your life when, in reality, He is only truly satisfied when He’s thoroughly mixed into all of it.

God desires to be the center of every aspect of your life. He desires for everything you do to be done with Him in mind. The Psalmist in Psalm 119 said it this way, “Oh, how I love Your (God’s) law! I meditate on it all day long.” He also said, “I seek You (God) with all my heart…” The Psalmist desired to know God and to be with God and to live a life that honored God. He knew that adding in God is what makes a truly delectable life.

Your life and mine should be the same. Stop attempting to pick God out of certain parts of your life. Mix Him in so thoroughly that when people see you, they can’t help but get a taste of God in you.