The man fell to his knees. What would be a day of joy for most was, instead, a terrifying day of anguish and fear.

With only 24 weeks of pregnancy the child’s chances of survival were less than 40 percent. When his wife became pregnant there were complications and he knew this was a possibility, but nothing could prepare him for this moment. His son had made it through the birth process and into the world, but seeing his tiny little body with almost every bone and vein visible through the thin layer of skin was overwhelming. He was no bigger than an ear of corn, yet tubes and wires lay across his entire form. After his birth, doctors had rushed him off so quickly that the man hadn’t even been able to hold his first-born son. Instead, he lay in this incubator-looking machine without his mother or father able to comfort him. Would this child even know he was loved? Would he leave the world having never been held in his father’s arms?

There is nothing more frightening than a father who knows the danger his child is in, yet can do nothing to help him or her. You want to rush in and rescue your child when they are in imminent danger. You want to save them. But that is the opposite of what God the Father did. When His only Son, the perfect God-man, died on the cross; the Father abandoned Him. In Matthew 27:46 Jesus Christ cried out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” Jesus Christ’s Father left Him to suffer and die. What Father would do such a thing?

I know many fathers, young and old, that would turn the world upside down if it meant rescuing their son or daughter, yet God the Father allowed the very ones who hated Him to abuse, beat and murder His own Son … why?

John 3:16 tells us: “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

God the Father forsook His own Son for a time so that we could have eternal life. He did the unthinkable thing, giving up the One who loved Him most for those who didn’t love Him at all (Romans 5:8-10). The Son knew that and followed through with the plan of the Father, a plan that shows you and I how much we are loved by the Father. The Father gave up the best of mankind for the worst. He knows you inside and out, the best parts and the sins that overcome you. And even with that knowledge He cared enough to give His only Son for you.

Perhaps you never were held by your earthly father and you feel completely unloved by others around you, but you can be certain of this: Your heavenly Father cares about and He turned heaven and earth upside down to show you He truly does love you.