Lenahan family celebrates reunion

HAWKINS — The 53rd Joseph Lenahan family reunion took place on Aug. 9 at the Intimidator Golf Course in Hawkins.

Thirty-five family members were in attendance. Bernadette Ehlers, of Reed City, was the oldest member present and the family also celebrated her birthday. The youngest member was Braxton Warner, age 3, the son of Kalee and Dustin Warner. Traveling the greatest distance were Dick Miller and Alice Ward, of Elkhart, Ind.

Georgene Lenahan, of Paris, had the most children at the reunion (five). Mark and Tracy Lenahan, of Hawkins, had the most grandchildren present (five). Harriet Lenahan, of Reed City, had the most great-grandchildren present (two). Cody Hope is the newest member. Guests were Shirley Fitzgerald, of Big Rapids, and Dorothy Kardos, of Evart.

Next year's reunion will take place at the Intimidator Golf Course with Mark and Tracy Lenahan in charge. Kaylee and Dustin Warner will be the vice-presidents in charge of bringing the ice cream.