Habitat for Humanity looking for volunteers

By Pamela Wayne

Habitat for Humanity of Osceola County Member

I have been involved with Habitat for Humanity of Osceola County since its inception in this county in 1999, along with a small group of people. It has grown and changed through the years.

This year the organization has seen a lot of change. We went from being on our own to being under the umbrella of a larger Habitat organization in our area. The Wexford County Habitat for Humanity has taken us under their wing with support in the area where we needed it most — administrative. Habitat for Humanity International and Michigan Habitat for Humanity are asking more of us than we could handle as a small organization with only a handful of volunteers. So Wexford Habitat has agreed to handle that burden for us. Now we can focus on what we really need to keep our organization going and growing. Here are a few of our immediate needs.

We need to find a partner family for our current home near Evart in the Lake Miramichi subdivision. So we need one volunteer for family recruitment. This volunteer would have the following responsibilities:

  • Where and what media to use for recruiting a family
  • Send out applications
  • Verify that the returned applications are complete
  • Forward the applications to Wexford Habitat for final approval

We also need to find a public relations volunteer. The volunteer would have the following responsibilities:

  • Write press releases
  • Write letters for various events
  • Prepare posters for various events

That brings us to the most important volunteer at this time: fund raising. Our most immediate need is the annual golf outing. We need a volunteer to chair the golf outing. This volunteer would have the following responsibilities:

  • Seek donations
  • Organize the annual golf outing — experience in playing in golf outings would be a plus, but not a requirement

So for now, I would just like to thank all of our hard-working volunteers past and present. Many hands make the work a lot easier.

Please look at your schedule and into your heart to see where you might be able to help us out. I also know that some employers require their employers do some sort of community service work and this would be a great opportunity to get those hours. There are always other volunteer opportunities. In most cases it will not take up much of your time. We meet every other month on the first Wednesday of the month, just to see where we stand and what direction we need to go next.

You can reach us at (231) 832-6092 or hfhooc@outlook.com.