Environmental science students make shelters in nature

LEROY — Pine River High School outdoor environmental science students recently had to use nature to their advantage.

The students, taught by Eric Thompson, recently set up camp at the school’s property near Woodpecker Flats to work on shelter projects.

From Sunday, Oct. 23, through Monday, Oct. 24, students were randomly assigned forest terrain from around the world and presented with the task of creating a shelter using limited supplies and natural resources. Some student groups chose to sleep in their shelters Sunday night, while other students slept in four-man tents, or the large canvas classroom tent with a wood stove.

Shelter examples included: shelters with raised beds for wet and soggy ground terrain, moss covered shelters with pine boughs upside down similar to palm leaves to deter water from entering the shelter, and a shelter built mostly off the ground in a tree.

The students’ work was amazing, but even greater than that, the teamwork, generosity and camaraderie displayed was second to none, said Pine River Area Schools Superintendent Matt Lukshaitis in a release.

“Buck Pride through and through! Thanks go to Mrs. Laura Mumby and Ms. Alyssa Crouch, teachers who assisted Mr. Thompson during the camp over and the survival classroom scenario,” he said.

The class intends to conduct similar events at other school properties and will include continued aquatic and wildlife biology, ecology, and a vast array of environmental science projects such as water quality testing and water specimen examination.