Back in time

20 Years Ago — NOVEMBER 18, 1992


Well, another week has gone by and what a week! Did you keep warm? I hope everyone drove safely last weekend. Wasn’t that awful?

Today is very pretty. The sun finally decided to shine yesterday and today but will not last.

It is rifle season for deer. Did you get your deer this season yet? If you did you are one of the lucky ones as not many bucks have been seen.

The Carmichael family and some friends were lucky as most of them got their deer.

Bernice Shanafelt spent last week down to her daughter’s Marie DeCator at Haslett.

Bob and Ruth Cooper went to Midland to their daughter and son-in-law’s, Rev. and Mrs. Robert Tripp last Thursday. They celebrated Ruth’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ruth. Rob and Paul Tripp came up on Saturday for the first day of deer season. Rob returned home on Sunday evening, but Paul stayed up for a day or so but no luck.

Last Sunday all of the Booher children were home at Kenny and Geneva Booher’s. Geneva and Luanna went to JoAnn’s on Saturday. Brent was another lucky one and got a 4-point buck and Jimmy also got a buck.

40 Years Ago — NOVEMBER 16, 1972 


Mrs. Paul Cruikshank, Mrs. Andy Salinas, Mrs. Dale Carmichael and Gladys Bennett attended a District meeting at Central United Methodist Church in Traverse City Sunday afternoon.

Lots of deer ornaments seen on vehicles lately. Some of these ornaments even have good sized attachments that look a bit like tree branches.

Tom Witbeck, who has recently spent a year and a half for his firm in Mexico, but is now back at his home in Georgia, spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Helen Witbeck. Others of the family who visited while Tom was home were Mr. and Mrs. Milne Witbeck and daughter, of Mount Pleasant, Hazel Williams, of Detroit, the Marvin Witbecks and family, of Big Rapids, and the Dick Witbecks and family, of Evart. Sunday afternoon Mrs. Witbeck’s niece Marguerite Engstrom and nephew and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Johnson, all of LeRoy, called to see the family.

60 Years Ago — NOVEMBER 20, 1952


R. S. Cox and Sam Burgess, of Bronson, spent Saturday night with Charles Cox and did some hunting Sunday.

Mrs. J. Arthur Miller, of Chicago, is spending a few days with her father, V. R. Davy. Miss Ruth Davy, of Flint, spent the weekend here also.

Miss Esther Wentworth, of Reed City, was a Sunday dinner and afternoon guest of Miss Lilah VanAntwerp, who is staying in Reed City with her grandparents.

Mrs. Lottie Hall is leaving Wednesday of this week for Grosse Pointe where she plans to spend the winter.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoverter were weekend guests at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Talhelm and Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Hoverter.

70 Years Ago — NOVEMBER 19, 1942


Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Tracer, of Rockford, spent the weekend with their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Johnson of Reed City.

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Decker and family, of Romulus, formerly of Evart, spent the weekend in Beg Rapids and Evart.

The Spring Hill Arbor of Gleaners will meet at the Stanley Stein home. Recent pictures taken in Hawaii will be shown by Mrs. Myrtle Holmes, of LeRoy.

The Osceola Chapter No. 242, Order of the Eastern Star, entertained their husbands and the Hersey chapter at a 6:30 dinner Tuesday evening in the Masonic hall. A white elephant bingo party was enjoyed after the dinner.

90 Years Ago — NOVEMBER 17, 1922


The Sears Ladies Aid will serve a chicken supper at the Grange Hall tonight, Friday, from six o’clock until all are served. Make a note of this.

There will a school carnival at the Maple Grove School House, Sylvan No. 4, Friday evening. Come and see our moving picture show, have your fortune told, fish from our pond, enjoy our program. Get your fill of ice cream, candy and popcorn. Admission five cents. –adv.

Notice to Electric Light Consumers – Electric light consumers are requested to call at the Village Clerk’s office to settle electric bills for a part of July and August. As formerly the bank has collected their part but there remains a number unpaid.

The Emerald William Workers will meet with Mrs. Loren Hammond on Wednesday. Potluck dinner.

100 Years Ago — NOVEMBER 15, 1912


Lyle Eckstrom, of Reed City, spent Tuesday in Hersey on business.

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Lee King, who were guests of their brother-in-law, O. C. Bath, and family, during the past week, have returned to their home in Pasadena, California.

Miss Flora Gilbert, who has visited her grandmother, Mrs. L. W. Bennett, for the past several months, returned to her home at Lima, Ohio, Monday.

The Ladies’ Aid of District No. 1 will meet with Mrs. Frank Custer on Thursday at 10:30 o’clock. Visitors welcome.

Our old citizen, John Englund, is still regaling us with information about his little grandson, born last month to Godfrey Englund and his wife, who live in St. Louis.

The Woman’s Auxiliary will have a bake sale at the Evart Hardware Company store, next Saturday.

120 Years Ago — NOVEMBER 18, 1892


C. H. Rose was at Lake city on legal business this week.

The most severe electrical storm known for years passed over this county last night, accompanied by a large fall of rain and sleet. The houses of Chas. Marigold and Wm. Swales, in this village, were struck by lightning, but not badly damaged.

Choice groceries and meats delivered to any part of the city from H. D. Turner’s. –adv.

John Ballantyne showed us his two prize grade French stallions, whose sire was Turner’s full blood Pierre. They are fine horses indeed.

Under all circumstances come and see us before you buy anything in the clothing line. Wildberg & Co., Clothiers. –adv.

130 Years Ago — NOVEMBER 23, 1882


Apple Custard

A nice apple custard is made of one pint of sweet milk, one pint of apple sauce, three eggs; flavor and sweeten and bake with an under crust.

Snow Cake

For a snow cake use one and one-half cups of powdered sugar, one teaspoonful of lemon flavoring, the whites of ten eggs, and one tumbler of finely sifted flour.

Citron Cake

For citron cake stir together three cups of brown sugar, four and one-half cups of flour, seven eggs, two cups of citron cut in small pieces, two and one-half teaspoonfuls of baking powder, one cup of butter, one and one-half cups of sweet milk.


For jumbles take one cup of sugar; a half-cup of butter, a half-cup of milk, and one teaspoonful of baking powder; add enough flour to make a rolled dough, roll out and bake in a quick oven.