Back in time

20 Years Ago — OCTOBER 21, 1992


By Max Cooper

EAST LANSING – It would be great if presidential debates were more like World Series baseball games.

With a baseball game you know for sure at the end who was the winner.

With a presidential debate there is no judge or umpire to make the decision.

So journalists have to make the call. I therefore exercise the prerogative of the judge and declare it a tie between George Bush and Bill Clinton Monday night at Lansing.

I rate Bush higher than I did in the other two debates. He was most improved. The difference was that Bush this time did talk some about Clinton’s record as governor of Arkansas instead of spending most of his time criticizing the Arkansas governor for his Vietnam War protests 25 years ago.

Aside from the unimportant matter of who actually won, it can be said that little new ground was plowed in this debate.

51 Years Ago — OCTOBER 18, 1961

(All 1962 microfilm files are missing from the library)


Mrs. Besse Wolff gave a luncheon and bridge card party at Osborndale in Big Rapids on Monday. There were twelve guests present. Prizes were won by: Myrtle Shore, Lucy Shore and Pearl Fleming. Mrs. Bertina Rohen had a visitor from Custer, Mrs. Fanny Brackett.

Mr. and Mrs. Clem Knoop, of Ogilvie, spent Saturday evening with Mrs. Clare Dake. Mrs. Gertie Sickles of Brooks Corners was a Sunday caller.

The Wildcat Varsity squad look sharp in their new game uniforms.

Recent weekend visitors at the Rex Young home were: Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Reynolds, of Detroit, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reynolds from Huntersville, Ala.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Kline and daughter, Muriel, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gorthy and family at their cottage at Eight Point Lake.

A group from Marion and Evart, traveled to Reed City where they met with the group from LeRoy and Reed City to journey to the W.S.C.S. Rally in Big Rapids on Wednesday.

80 Years Ago — OCTOBER 20, 1932


A new business has been formed in Marion by R. Davis and J. Piper, to be known as the Marion Construction Company. They plan to refinish automobiles and furniture.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Scot motored to Ludington Friday and returned the same day.

Miss Lucille Brooks entertained for supper Sunday evening, Miss Lucille Halstead and girlfriend of Clare.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Campbell, of Oxford, are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hillier.

Jay Lowry and wife, of Big Rapids, were Sunday visitors at the home of the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Shilling.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Comstock, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Maddern and daughters were entertained Saturday night at the Howard Davis home south of Evart.

The Ladies Aid will meet with Mrs. Arthur Crittenden all day Thursday. Potluck dinner. Everyone welcome.

~ ~ ~


-Unemployed for months, Leo Bywater, of Lansing, Mich., sold old phonograph records, his last possessions, to buy ice cream and cake to entertain friends at a party.

-Pleading guilty to stealing two calves, used in preparing dinner for his wedding, John Vanchovich, of Canton, Ill., was placed on probation for one year.

100 Years Ago — OCTOBER 18, 1912


The establishment of public drinking fountain upon our streets was a most popular move on the part of our village fathers. On an unseasonably warm day such as was had last Saturday, it is astonishing how many people avail themselves of the constant flow of crystal water to quench their thirst. Our opinion is that it is not just for summer, this new drinking fountain.

George A. Percival has returned home from Florida where he sojourned for several months. He said he is afraid that in a very short number of weeks, he will be wishing he was still in that sunny state to the south.

Miss Katherine McLauchlin returned last Saturday from an eleven weeks visit with relatives at points in Ohio and in Lenawee and Jackson counties.

The members of the W.R.C. are requested to be present at their room on Saturday to arrange for inspection. Theda Perkins, Sec’y.

Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Monroe will entertain the M. E. Ladies’ Aid at the home of Mrs. Monroe, Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock.

120 Years Ago — OCTOBER 21, 1892


Elder Jones, of the Mormon persuasion, baptized four candidates in the Chippewa River near C. W. Bark’s on Monday.

Gene Wigglesworth, while out hunting this week, shot a large wild cat which weighed 30 lbs.

Miss Emma Ruby, of Osceola Township, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. John Ball, in Evart, this week.

Wonder if the cholera will reach Osceola County. We would rather be excused, if you please.

130 Years Ago — OCTOBER 19, 1882


Mining stocks held by Osceola County parties in Colorado are looking up. Shouldn’t be surprised if some of them will yet strike it rich. While there are odds against them, there is once in a while when men make money at mining.

Master Harry Bennett is improving with his broken arm.

Evart village is out of debt, something that no other town in this vicinity can say. We are up with the times in every particular, and have all the marks of enterprise attainable by a country town. The next metropolitan move we make must be for a pavement on Main Street. We need it; we must do something for it.

The dance at the Opera House last Friday night was quite largely attended, and a quite social time was had. It will be repeated every two weeks if the interest keeps up, and it is likely to do so.

Mrs. Carus has just received the latest novelties in the line of millinery and fancy goods.

W. A. Lewis has laid considerable new walk at his home on North Main Street this fall.

Geo. W. Feazel is placing a stone foundation under his house, corner Sixth and Cherry Streets.

The Board of Water Commissioners have been instructed by the Common Council to advertise for three hundred cords of four foot wood, one hundred cords of dry pine and hemlock, and the balance hard wood.

Wm. F. Dermont and Lyme Carpenter were down from Wingleton over Sunday.