Back in time

20 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 30, 1992


By Vivian Brandal

We have had our first frost of the fall season. I hope your gardens survived. My peppers and pumpkins had gotten frosted. I didn’t have very much in my garden to get frosted. I was hoping that a frost would hold off at least all fall and winter. Wishful thinking, huh!

It is nice outside as I am writing this article. I wish it would stay this way all winter. You probably can tell I don’t want winter to come.

Roy and Lis Sneller and Nells and Marge Root went to Traverse City to do some shopping. They also went to the Harvest Festival Supper at the Methodist Church in Evart.

Bill and Clemmie Yarhouse attended the supper at the Hartwick town hall. They had a good time and had a nice supper. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mowat were Wednesday afternoon callers on Bernice Shanafelt. Bernice called on Bob Brandal on Monday afternoon.

JoAnn Kozlowski and her husband have arrived safely in Nevada.

Bob and Ruth Cooper went down to Midland Sunday evening to help their granddaughter Juanita Valliere celebrate her birthday with her husband and grandbaby.

51 Years Ago — OCTOBER 4, 1961

(All 1962 microfilm files are missing from the library)


Evelyn Brown and Dorothy Brown were in Grand Rapids shopping Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Collins spent the weekend visiting friends at Marion.

~ ~ ~


A parade of eye-catching “Fashion Keynotes” hits a new tempo in Simplicity’s new fall wardrobe of fashions which girls can sew for themselves.

County 4-H girls from Reed City to Sears to Marion to Tustin, and all points between those four corners of the county, will attend this new fall collection when the show is presented in Osceola County at Evart on Friday night at 8:00 p.m.

80 Years Ago — OCTOBER 1, 1942


Reed City, Mich.

Sunday – Monday – Tuesday

Adventure that captures all the thrill-filled violence of old Key West.

Giant Technicolor Production

“Reap the Wild Wind”

With the greatest cast ever assembled in one picture: Ray Milland, John Wayne, Paulette Goddard, Raymond Massey, Lynn Overman, Robert Preston, Susan Hayward, and Charles Bickford.




Please Note Admissions for this Production Only:

Sunday until 6 p.m.

Adults, 40 cts. - Children, 11 cts.


Adults, 55 cts. – Children, 15 cts.


Wednesday – Thursday – Friday

It’s all out in Greatness!

Tyrone Power

Joan Fontaine

Thomas Mitchell

Claude Rains


“This Above All”

This picture TOPS “Gone With The Wind.”

Also: Latest War News

90 Years Ago — OCTOBER 6, 1922


Mrs. William Briggs, of Sparks Corners, received a letter recently from her brother, William Church, of Chicago, informing her that he and his wife sailed on the steamship America from New York City, Sept. 2 for Europe. We hope they reach their destination faster than the mail reached its final location.

Thursday from an extended visit with her daughters, Mrs. A. H. Dietzel, of Bay Port, and Mrs. A. P. Pierson, of Saginaw.

The annual meeting of the Osceola County Pioneer Historical Society will be held at the Reed City Camp Meeting grounds, on Thursday.

The Misses Cleo, Clara and Eleanor Cox left Friday for Detroit and Pontiac where they will visit their sisters, Mrs. W. Douglas and Mrs. H. Hughes.

Many of the district schools of this vicinity are enjoying (?) several weeks potato digging vacation.

Rev. W. E. Orton has returned from his three weeks’ vacation, and will conduct the usual services at the Baptist Church, Sunday. Subject for his morning discourse will be “The Character of Jesus.

110 Years Ago — OCTOBER 2, 1902


Reed City 10, Evart 0

The first foot ball game of the season occurred on the Public Square, Sept. 30, between the Reed City and the local High School teams.

First half: Game called at 1:30, Evart has the south goal and kicks off. After 8 minutes of play Reed City makes the first touch down, but fails to kick goal. In accordance with the new rules the sides change goals and play is resumed. Time is called with the ball in Reed City’s possession and in Evart’s territory. Score – Reed City 5, Evart 0.

Second half: Evart again has the south goal, and after 10 minutes of play Reed City pushes the ball over for the second touch down, but Booth again fails at goal. The feature of this half was Baker’s long run and capture of the ball on a punt. Time was called with the ball in Evart’s possession

Reed City’s 15 yard line. Time of halves – 15 and 20 minutes. Score – Reed City 10, Evart 0.

The Evart team showed lack of practice and inexperience on part of some. Fumbling was frequent and the interference was very poor, but these faults will disappear with practice, and the team altogether looks promising.

130 Years Ago — OCTOBER 5, 1882


Rev. Mr. Hoskins, of Grand Rapids, officiated at the Presbyterian Church last Sunday morning and evening.

Highway Commissioner McLauchlin informs us that he is opening up the north town line road, a fact all in this county have an interest in.

Hon. Peter Lonergan, mayor of the city of Ashcroft, Colo., has been a guest of C. O. Trumbull this week.

Mrs. Geo. W. McLauchlin has gone on a visit to Lenawee County, Elkhart, Ind., and other localities.

Eddie Thompson has a new bicycle and he rides it well.

~ ~ ~


From the Muskegon Chronicle: In the season of 1881, a young man named D. A. Donald was killed near Evart in Eldred’s logging camp, and the log that caused his death was yesterday delivered and cut at Eldred’s Mill at Bluffton.

The following inscription was carved into the log: “This log killed D. A. Donald, July 17, 1881, at Eldred’s Camp, at Evart, Mich.”

The log proved to be quite a curiosity to the mill employees who were familiar with all the circumstances. The log has been in storage until all concerns about the young man’s death were satisfied.