Back in time

20 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 30, 1992


A Memory Walk was held in Evart with 65 persons taking part in the event.

“Walkers were from the Alzheimer’s support group, Commission on Aging, Quest Alternative Education, TREK, the Learning Center and other interested citizens,” Muriel Gorthy stated.

The Memory Walk is an annual event, in Evart, in support of the victims of Alzheimer’s Disease and their families and friends.

40 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 14, 1972


Pistols and Petticoats League:

Dake - Davis team, won 4, lost 0.

Gerber - Thorburn and Benzing-Henry teams are both 3 – 1.

Lauman - Vincent and Norris-G. McLachlan teams are both 2 – 2.

Keysor - Morgan and Bruggema - Rice teams are both 1 – 3.

High Team Series, Dake-Davis at 1794.

High Series, Men, Loren Gerber at 515.

High Series, Women, Fern Thorburn with 480.

~ ~ ~


Evart JayCee’s and their families held their annual picnic at Rose Lake Youth Camp this past Sunday with a potluck dinner, boat rides and games for the children. The weather cooperated nicely.

51 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 14, 1961

(All 1962 microfilm files are missing from the library)


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beers announce the marriages of two of their daughters. Their daughter, Goldie, married Daniel Livingston on August 20. The couple is residing in Marion.

On September 9, Betty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Beers, married Gerald Line. Mr. and Mrs. Line left for North Carolina where Mr. Line is stationed with the Marines on September 11.

60 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 4, 1952


Mr. and Mrs. Walter Comer and family leave next week for Florida.

Mrs. William Echlin invited the following ladies to attend a meeting of the Ladies’ Aid Society with her: Mrs. Stacey Mansfield, Mrs. Robert Bregenzer, Sr., Mrs. John Erskine and Mrs. Fred Davy. The society met at the home of Mrs. August Johnson in Reed City.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Neuman of Sherman were Sunday callers of his brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Neuman.

Pvt. Robert Wirth of the 101st Airborne Division at Camp Brackenridge, Ky., was home for a few hours Sunday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wirth.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Parsons and Mrs. Neil Newman, parents and sister of Mrs. Fred B. Smith, of East Lansing, spent Saturday at the home of the Smiths.

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Bancroft and family of Rose Lake were luncheon guests Sunday of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bancroft.

Rev. and Mrs. Keith Hubbard and family of Crocker were Monday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Sawyer.

Bernard Vanderhoef was a Sunday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Daniels of Winterfield.

Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Bruggema spent Thursday in Grand Rapids.

Mrs. Harry Bancroft helped her daughter, Mrs. Ernie Mitchell Monday with some canning.

80 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 24, 1942


Pvt. Estel Brooks cabled his wife that he had arrived safely in Ireland. He is in the financial department.

Pvt. Delbert Owen and wife are visiting friends and relatives this week while he is on a ten-day furlough.

Robert Brackett, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Brackett, is stationed at Great Lakes in the U. S. Navy.

Pvt. Melvin Blodgett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Blodgett, has been transferred to the air corps at Brooks Field, Texas.

Pvt. Russell Miller, of Pine Camp, N. Y. recently spent a week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Miller.

~ ~ ~


Written permission to hunt on farm lands will be advisable this fall, according to the Conservation Department.

Farmers may require hunters on their land to carry written permission, according to an opinion of the Attorney General, and while such written permission is not required by law, lack of such a document would leave the hunter defenseless in court if trespassing was charged.

110 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 19, 1902


State Fair at Pontiac, Sept. 22 to 26. The greatest fair in the existence of society.

Harvey Skinner, whose parents live one mile south of town, left Tuesday for Chicago, where he will take an examination for the U.S. Navy and if he is successful he will enlist.

The farm home of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rowley, of Osceola Township, was the scene of a remarkable meeting of old friends on Sunday last. There were eleven in attendance whose combined ages totaled 789 years.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Moore, of Mancelona, formerly of this place, a son, Sept. 4.

A. J. Rose, of Wesley, Mason County, is taking in the County and renewing acquaintances with old friends and comrades. Mr. Rose left this area six years ago and purchased 15 acres of fruit land in Mason County, and is prospering nicely. New trees he planted have just commenced bearing and he has harvested nearly 500 bushels of peaches this year, besides small fruits already harvested. He has 1000 trees planted.

120 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 16, 1892


School commenced Monday in district No. 4, Sylvan. Miss Rosa Elmore is the teacher.

The greatest worm destroyer on earth is Dullam’s Great German Worm Lozenges, only 25 cents per box. For sale by J. H. Voller. –adv.

Ernest Craven, of Sears, started Tuesday for the Wisconsin pineries to look for work.

Frank Jeffs is remodeling over the Sturgeon house for a store and post office, which he will occupy as soon as completed. It is reported that C. V. Priest will move his stock of goods from Evart to his old stand in Sears as soon as Mr. Jeffs can vacate the same.

The bridge across the Grindstone Creek, where John Hoffmeyer’s engine went through, has been rebuilt.

It was voted at the annual school meeting to build a fence in front of the school house.

A number of farmers report apples stolen from their orchards.

Ed. Carter will vacate the Santhany house and move to the Jackson dam to work in the saw mill building at that point.

J. H. Thompson has a new drill.