Back in time

20 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 2, 1992

CONCERT BAND TO RECEIVE NEW UNIFORMS Evart School Board members voted to purchase new concert uniforms for the high school band at a cost not to exceed $8,000. This amount will cover all or most of the expense for 50 female and 30 male uniforms in assorted sizes. “The old uniforms date back to 1979,” stated Maria Hoeksema, who represented the Evart Band Boosters, “They are very worn and many do not match. Our band students work hard and deserve to have nice looking uniforms when they compete at festival and other events.” “We have a lot of kids in our band program,” added Superintendent Joe Curtin. “We don’t make the football players buy their own uniforms. I think we should go ahead with this.” Curtin also asked that the Band Boosters work on some cost figures for future replacement of the marching band uniforms which are approximately six years old. “Those uniforms run as high as $400 apiece,” stated Curtin. “We need to know several years ahead of replacement on those, so that we can put part of the funds aside each year.”  

51 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 7, 1961

(All 1962 microfilm files are missing from the library) HAPPENINGS OF NOTE A clinic for the administration of polio vaccine will be held by the Central Michigan District Health Department at the Reed City School on Wednesday from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. This clinic will include first, second, third and fourth polio injections. The fourth polio shot should be given at least one year after the third. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bregenzer and son, Kevan, visited in Traverse City Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Mark Beeman. Twenty-four friends of Dennis Dodge attended a surprise party given by his mother on August 31. Gay decorations of yellow streamers and bright flowers decorated the room. Games were played and movies were taken. Refreshments consisted of a birthday cake designed as a sailboat, and ice cream shaped in the likeness of clown faces, served with pink punch.  

60 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 11, 1952

HERSEY SKATE CLUB SETS UP REGULATIONS The Hersey PTA executive meeting met last Monday night with the newly organized Hersey District Skating Club to formulate future plans. The youthful officers of the Skating Club are: president, Wayne Reeves; vice president, Janet McKay; secretary, Patsy Oehrli; treasurer, Janice Rice; publicity chairman, Graden Benzing; floor manager, Dick Dyer. The following problems were discussed and cooperation of all participants will be encouraged: 1. The period between 7:30 and 9:00 to be reserved strictly for beginners and skaters up to 12 years of age. Instructions in Grand March and finer art of skating will be available. 2. The period between 9:00 and 11:00 to be reserved strictly for ages 12 and over. 3. Soft drinks are not to be taken out of the building.  

80 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 10, 1942

~ REED THEATRE ~ Reed City, Mich. Healthfully Air-Conditioned Modern in Every Way Friday-Saturday: “In Old California” with John Wayne, Binnie Barnes, Albert Dekker and Patsy Kelly. Saturday, Midnite Special: “Moonlight Masquerade.” plus As always – the Latest War News ~ ~ ~ NEWS OF OUR SOLDIERS Corp. Carl Harrington is home for a visit. Carl recently entertained his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrington in camp and arranged tank rides for them. Arley Hazen, who was in Hawaii December 7, has notified his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hazen, that he has been promoted to sergeant. Lt. Lawrence Burger has been transferred to the glider pilots’ arm of the Army and is no longer in the infantry. He is temporarily stationed at Randolph Field in Texas. Charles Dyer, who was in N. Carolina, is now stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas with the aviation engineers. 2nd Lt. Ralph Holmes, of Gardner Field, Calif., arrived on Saturday to spend a ten-day furlough with relatives and friends in Hersey.  

90 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 8, 1922

GUN CLUB SHOOTERS DO WELL Some fine shooting was done by the Gun Club Tuesday evening by fellows from around the county, and there were no low scores. The scores were: J. W. Davis, 23; Wm. Bryson, 21; Pete Deacey, 20; Bob Huff, 20; Ed Brunk, 16; R. Gilbert, 16; G. Boyd, 14; Chas Freeman, 14; E. Bentley, 13; G. Shore, 13; S. Mansfield, 12; Roy Moody, 11.  

100 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 13, 1912

LOCAL NOTES There are now twenty-four inmates at the County Farm, nearly double the usual number for this time of year. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Myrl Falcon, September 4, a nine pound boy, to be known henceforth as Samuel Jacob. Looking at the painter at the top of a 50 or 60 foot ladder and several rods from the highway we seemed to have misjudged when we said Pierce Whitney was painting at the Spring Hill Farm. It was Charles Morgan, who with Mr. Hazen, is doing the work on the building.  

110 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 4, 1902

PERSONAL and SOCIAL Arthur Rose is engaged in taking the school census of Dist. No. 3, Frl., Evart and Osceola. Cement walks are being built on the north and east sides of the Presbyterian Church. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lester Makely, of rural Reed City, a ten pound boy. B. W. Baker and J. T. Deacey have formed a partnership for the manufacture of improved roof paint, and will furnish estimates for buildings and perform the work thereon. Geo. A. Glerum, proprietor of the LeRoy Independent, has bought an office building and new material and will improve his paper. He intends to make it one of the best publications in the county.  

120 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 9, 1892

COUNTY LOCALS A letter from Cash. Trumbull states that he has about decided to locate at Bessemer, Mich. The roof of the Baptist Church has been completed, and a lathing bee is announced for Tuesday. A light frost last night. John Huffmeyer was threshing the North Sylvanites Saturday and Monday. Married Aug. 31, 8 p.m., at the M. E. Parsonage, by Rev. John C. Beach, Mr. George Henry, of Evart and Miss Emma McMillan, of Hersey. The butter and cheese factory was started up Thursday for the first time. Milk was brought in from but three routes, amounting to about 1,600 pounds. The separator did not work properly and therefore, the milk was converted into cheese. The supply this morning is largely increased, and it is being made into cheese.