Back in time

60 Years Ago — JULY 24, 1952

A new GI Bill for veterans who have served in the armed forces since the outbreak of the Korean war on June 27, 1950 was signed into a law by the President on July 16, 1952. Designed to assist the veterans in their return to civilian life, the new bill lists five benefits: Education and training; guaranteed or insured loans for home, farms and businesses; unemployment compensation; mustering out pay and job finding help. The education and training provision allows a veteran one and one half days of training for every day in service after the outbreak of the Korean fighting. Post-Korean veterans must start their education and training by August 20, 1952 or two years after release from active duty. No training may be given beyond either seven years after discharge or seven years after the end of the current emergency, whichever is later.  

80 Years Ago — JULY 16, 1942

CARPENTER IN SENATE RACE Former State Senator Miles M. Callaghan has stated that he will be an active candidate for the office of state representative in the primary election and will make the formal announcement by next week. Sheriff Royal E. Gingrich, who had expected to retire from office at the end of his term has stated that he will be a candidate to succeed himself in the primary election. His decision to seek another term came as the result of pressure on him to keep his key post in the county defense set-up, which is closely linked to the sheriff’s office. It was feared that a change in the office would confuse the defense picture in the county, which has been held up as a model for the state. Speculation as to a possible attempt on Ben Carpenter’s part to upset Roy Woodruff was settled this week by an announcement that Carpenter would seek re-election to the state senate. In the event that Carpenter and Callaghan are both nominated and elected, it would place the team that represented this district eight years ago back in their same jobs. With the announcement of the Gingrich candidacy, it appears that Osceola County is in for a quiet primary election unless the state office scramble stirs up interest.  

90 Years Ago — JULY 14, 1922

REED CITY TO HOST PIONEER MEETING The annual meeting of the Osceola County Pioneer and Historical Society will be held at the Camp Grounds at Reed City, on Thursday, August 17. All are cordially invited to attend.   OSCEOLA COUNTY NOTES OF INTEREST Paul Allured and little son, Bobby, drove over from Lansing Monday to spend a few days with his home people. He goes to Auburn Theological summer school for the next three weeks of his vacation. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Randall George, at Reed City, on July 6, a nine pound son, to be called Randy John. The Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. Church will meet with Mrs. C. H. Rose Friday afternoon next, at 2:30 o’clock. Mrs. Clatie Waffle, Evart village treasurer, is now engaged in collecting village taxes. The total tax roll is $18,708.52. She will collect Tuesdays and Fridays.  

100 Years Ago — JULY 19, 1912

PERSONAL and SOCIAL Miss Maud and Master Russel Goodfellow, of Freeland, were weekend visitors of their aunts, the Misses Goodfellow.   NEW IRRIGATION SYSTEM INVENTED Dry weather will be no terror to Fred Alley in caring for his little farm south of the village, as he has invented a system of irrigation which will assure him against all danger in that direction. He has installed on the bank of the Muskegon River, a three horse power gasoline engine and pumping outfit, and laid iron water mains on top of the ground to his fields. To this are openings at convenient distances, where hose, made from light ducking, are attached and laid on top of the ground at distance of about ten feet apart, and through which the water is allowed to ooze, the ground is thoroughly dampened in a few hours’ time without the usual hardening of the surface. By this method he is able to irrigate several acres a day, at a very small expense aside from the cost on the plant, and so well is Mr. Alley satisfied that he proposes to have the device patented. Mr. Alley has several acres planted to tomatoes, corn, potatoes, etc., all of which is doing well, which would not be the case in this dry season without the water.  

110 Years Ago — JULY 18, 1902

PERSONAL and SOCIAL The Trumble House fed 90 at dinner Sunday. Geo Trumble is making the house a popular resort. The Champion Tool and Handle Works have had a cement walk laid in front of their factory on Main Street. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dan White, July 12, a son. Our neighborhood was saddened by the death of Mrs. Geo Alma, who died last Friday leaving a babe not quite two weeks old. Mr. and Mrs. Alma came here last fall from Ionia County and were favorably known as far as they had become acquainted and the sympathy of all is extended to Mr. Alma. Mrs. Alma was a sister to Mrs. Chas. McCord and Carlos Weaver, of this county.