Back in time

80 Years Ago — Nov. 26, 1931


Pearl Bear, Highland Township; E.J. Leemon, Osceola Township; Dan McLachlan, Evart Township; John Baughan, Marion Township; Louis Case, Middle Branch Township; Ray Thomas, Sylvan Township; George Jackson, Orient Township;

C.P. Westman, Burdell Township; Robert Tate, LeRoy Township; George Sweet, Lincoln Township; Paul Shook, Richmond Township; Milton Anderson, Sherman Township; R. E. Lathrope, Rose Lake Township; D. Rehkopf, Cedar Township; Dewey Thompson, Hersey Township;

Cornelius Vrederogel, Highland Township; Charles Roberts, Hartwick Township; R.B. Dier, Osceola Township; Ed Clark, Evart Township; Bert Knickerbocker, Marion Township; I. K. Wool, Middle Branch Township; Oscar Struble, Sylvan Township; and Ed Beal, Orient Township.

~ ~ ~


Charles Dumon is recovering from injuries received about a month ago. At the time he was working on the Pere Marquette construction train; he was tightening up a bolt, when a wrench slipped and he fell head first several feet striking upon the rocks in Twin Creek, and was for a time unconscious.

The Board of Trade will tender a banquet to the band, fire department and base ball boys at the Masonic banquet hall, Tuesday evening.

90 Years Ago — Nov. 25, 1921


Mr. and Mrs. Ben McLaughlin, of Evart, have moved into Peter Schneider’s house.

Autoists in these parts find the most of their troubles on the Schooley hill.

Mr. and Mrs. William Burpee and Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Burpee and son, Clair, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. McCown on the River Road.


Forrest Bancroft was absent form school last week on account of sickness.

Mr. and Mrs. John Schoenhals and family were guests at the Earl Henry home Sunday

Jacob Thompson returned from Ann Arbor last week leaving his little boy at the hospital for a two months treatment.


Mrs. Frank Corey has been very sick and her daughter, Mrs. William Downs of Evart, has been with her lately.

George Ude, who is employed in the P. M. depot at Flint, escorted sixty men to Reed City, on Tuesday, where the party took the Pennsylvania road north to do some hunting. Mr. Ude stopped off on his return to call on his sister, Mrs. Fred Schlegel and other friends.

Dr. G. A. Vail has made many improvements in his residence this summer and autumn. Just lately the house has received a coat of white paint. When the porches are completed it will be a very pretty addition to our village.

Another mile of road from the Morlock corner to the Zimmerman corner is being graded.

The annual chicken pie supper at the Congregational Church was a success socially and financially, as the plates brought to the society the sum of $35.05.

100 Years Ago — Nov. 24, 1911


Rev. Paul J. Allured has changed his residence in China, and is now located for the winter at Shek-lung, where he and his wife will devote their time to study of the Chinese language. His address is Shek-Lung, via Canton, China.

Mr. Gerald Gladson and Miss Ila Randall, both of Sylvan, were married at high noon Wednesday, at the M. E. parsonage at Hersey, Rev. A. R. Fisher officiating.

South Sylvan – Word received from L. C. Stearns, who went to Niagra Falls last March to work in a chemical factory is that the family do not like the place and expect to move back on their farm here in the spring.

Gibson’s Corners – George Canfield will move his mill on Ira Cooper’s farm, and will saw out the lumber from the timber that was blown down by the cyclone.

Reed City North – We have just learned that a little stranger arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Holmes, who have recently moved on the Raffler place.

110 Years Ago — Nov. 22, 1901


A careful estimate places the amount of money paid out in this market for potatoes this fall up to date at $45,000. This will go quite a ways toward lubricating the wheels of prosperity.

During October, 1900, there were 31 cars of potatoes shipped from the Evart station. In October, 1901, 58 cars have been shipped, an increase of 27 cars or 87 percent.

John Wise recently had the misfortune to have his right hand mutilated in a corn shredder, making it necessary to remove the index finger at the first joint.

The Maccabees expect to have a grand good time at the dedication of their new hall in the Lacy block next Thursday evening. Hon. George L. Lusk, District Deputy, and others prominent in the order, will be present. An excellent music and literary program will be provided and delicious refreshments served.

120 Years Ago — Nov. 27, 1891


Mrs. J. H. McMullen and daughter, Ada, of Evart Township, who have been visiting in Ontario, returned home Tuesday evening.

The Outline publishes statistics showing that there are 90 schools in Osceola County; 5,216 school children; value of school property, $70,935; indebtedness of districts, $14,113.78; wages paid teachers, $21,642.

A hunting party composed of Austin Mitchell, J. J. Reik, Ed. June, R. D. Sovereen and Geo. W. Minchin, are enjoying the pleasure of camping out and hunting for big game up in the wild woods near Houghton Lake, this week. They expect to be gone about ten days.

On Tuesday the sad news was received that Samuel Alderson, formerly a resident of Reed City, had died in Colorado. The remains were to be brought back to Reed City, but transport being what it is, the family has decided to leave well enough alone and to leave Mr. Alderson in Colorado.

130 Years Ago — Nov. 25, 1881


Tustin – Tustin is to have a street lamp.

Sears – The Good Templars, at the election here last Saturday evening, chose the following officers for the next quarter: W C.T., J. R. Rowen; W.V.T., Miss Hattie Gordon; P.W.C.T., M. G. Sleezer; W.S., L. A. Moody; W.F.S., Albert Gregg; W.M., Bird Delemarter; W.T., Miss Ella Delemarter; W.I.G., Miss Minnie Carson; W.O.G., Andrew Gordon.

Hersey – We have had time to research and here are the facts. (Our first snow storm this year was on November 2, with about 2 ? inches on the ground.) Last year the first snow fell October 16, and 17th was 2 inches deep on the sidewalk. There was sleighing in the forepart of November and the snow lasted till the middle of April.

Evart Hose Co., No. 1 will give a social at Lancashire Hall Thursday evening, to which all are invited to attend. Bill including supper at the St. Elmo, $1.50. A good time is anticipated.

O. York and wife, of Bethel, Maine, have moved to this county, where they will make their home in the future.

The next M. E. social will take place at the residence of W. L. Stoddard on Tuesday evening. The following is the program: quartette, selected reading by Miss Ramsey, solo by Miss Bessie Wightman, to be followed by selections of vocal and instrumental music

Mrs. Bell, who lives a short distance north of Evart, had a serious fall into a cellar hatchway last Friday evening. No bones were broken.