Back in Time

20 Years Ago – SEPTEMBER 23, 1992


REED CITY – Connie Baker scored seven points in the final three minutes of Thursday’s varsity girls’ basketball tilt between Reed City and Evart, sending the Coyotes to a heart-stopping 46-45 victory in non-league action.

Baker scored a game-high 18 points, including the winning bucket off a Marcie Stieg pass with 20 seconds remaining. The win moved Reed City to 5-3 on the season.

After Baker hit what proved to be the winning shot Marcie Stieg stole an Evart pass and Wolverton was fouled with seven seconds left. The Coyote senior missed and the Wildcats final shot beat the buzzer but bounced off the rim, leaving the final score Coyotes 46, Wildcats 45.

30 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 14, 1982


To having a couple of minutes to read Ed Zern’s Exit Laughing in the last Field and Stream and coming up with the following comment….

“The principle difference, someone said, between the average congressman and the average orangutan is that the latter is much stronger physically. Intellectually, the congressman may be the orangutan’s equal.”

…….Nuff said.

40 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 14, 1972


Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Jones drove to Midland Sunday evening to see their son, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Jones and also grandson, Ronnie who had fallen and was in the hospital with a concussion.

Ross Babb, brother, Roy Babb of Manistee and two other gentlemen are spending this week fishing in Canada near Chapleau and Wawa.

Mrs. Julie Rohen and Mrs. Leota Babb attended last week a coffee given by the former Secretary of State, James M. Hare at his cottage, Route 2, Evart.

A family gathering was held at the Tony Lucas residence in Lake City. Forty-nine relatives were present. Ones coming the farthest were Gertrude from St. Louis, Mo., Ruth Lucas from Dearborn, Brenadean from Clare and Loretta Sebring and Marguerite Guyot from Evart. Also 20 grandchildren were present.

Ernie Rohen spent last Saturday visiting his daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Stevens in Grand Rapids. Harvey and Chris then rode to Evart with him for the weekend and Allan Rohen drove them back on Sunday.

51 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 14, 1961

(All 1962 microfilm files are missing from the library)


Friday morning Othra Reed can Mrs. Ruth Foster of Flint called at the Harvey Marlatt home.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Maddern and their son, Herbie, are spending this week in Illinois visiting Mrs. Madder’s sister.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Babb returned from Puerto Rico Sunday from a trip sponsored by the Ford Motor Co.

Vern Blanchard was brought back to Big Rapids Hospital Saturday. He is much better than he was.

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Bell were weekend visitors at the Ralph Bell home in Midland.

Mrs. John Dage, Sr., accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burdick and Mrs. Dorothea Gaunt spent from Saturday to Monday on a trip to Mackinaw Island.

Mrs. Hubert Doering and Mrs. Roy McMillan visited at the Harry Custer home Wednesday forenoon. They spent some time with Mrs. Malcholm McNeil Wednesday afternoon.

Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. Jim McLachlan, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Liechti, Mr. and Mrs. George Smock, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Oosting and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Phelps went to Sand Lake where they had dinner at the Steer House and later attended a movie.

60 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 18, 1952


The first apportionment of the 1952-53 Sales Tax money is being distributed to the schools of Osceola County this week on a basis of $6.66 per child according to the school census of 1951.

The total for the county is $26, 073.90.

Schools receiving larger portions are Burdell Rural Agr’l. (Tustin) $1,358.64; Hersey Rural Agr’l. $1,498.50; LeRoy Rural Agr’l. $1,851.48; Marion Rural Agr’l. $3,250.08; Osceola 3 fr’l. (Evart) $3,369.96; and Richmond 7 fr’l (Reed City) $3,742.92.

District No. 2 Highland is the only school in the county not receiving a payment. They have too large a balance to qualify.

70 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 17, 1942


Michigan’s mass production industries have been given a leading responsibility in winning the war on the home front. Lieut. Gen. Brehon B. Somervell, chief of the army’s services of supply, and Lieut. Gen. William Knudsen, chief of production, visited Michigan this month, to put it bluntly, to plead for MORE production.

As General Somervell phrased it in an interview, our present production – as remarkable as it has been and is – still is pitifully inadequate to meet today’s very urgent needs. The output, as recorded on paper reports, is enough to justify pessimism at Washington. Yet the spirit of the men – management and labor alike – is enough to justify the utmost optimism in Michigan.

At Washington, said General Somervell, the situation is discouraging. “Until every American man has been fully equipped, every American division has been fully armed, American industry hasn’t done the job,” he said emphatically, using some colorful cuss words to indicate that he really meant it.

Already, war plants in Michigan have shut down for lack of scrap iron! Raw material is a serious bottleneck in the Middle West, just as shipping is a bottleneck on the seaboard.

80 Years Ago — SEPTEMBER 15, 1932


A. C. O’Connor, J. E. Callahan, G. E. Breece, and Chas Alexander, all of Lima, Ohio, returned home Monday, after a week’s fishing at Strawberry Lake.

Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Barktoll entertained two groups of friends Friday and Saturday nights of last week, at the Barktoll cottage at Crooked Lake. Friday night’s party honored Miss Dorothea Dage, celebrating her birthday.

The Ladies Aid of the M. E. Church will meet on Wednesday with Mrs. L. D. Shore.

Miss Rose Lauman was greatly surprised upon attending a small dinner party at Riverby, near Big Rapids, Wednesday, to find she was the honored guest, the occasion being her birthday. Other attendants were the Misses Landon, Alice McClelland, Gladys and Lucy Kirschbaum. Miss Lauman was agreeably surprised.

Warren Severns, employed in Marion, Ohio, visited over Labor Day with friends in Marion.

Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Mansfield arrived home Tuesday evening after having spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Postal at their cabins in Glendale, Ontario.

Mrs. Robert Staight returned to her school work in Flint, Sunday. She accompanied Marjorie Long and Francis Belfour as far as Flint, on their return to Royal Oak. Mr. Staight remained here in his camp on Big Lake.