60 Years Ago

MAY 30, 1957



Southeast Evart

Mr. and Mrs. Theo Jenkins are the proud parents of a baby boy, John Albert. He weighed 8 lbs. 9 ozs. The baby was born at the Reed City Hospital a week ago Saturday.

Lee Stockwell called on his aunt, Ines Johnson, last Thursday.

Mrs. Mary Morgan spent last Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Morgan.

Mrs. Flossie Wise was a Thursday breakfast guest of Mrs. Ines Johnson.

Mrs. Elma Proper and Mrs. Ines Johnson spent last Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Pete Gibson at Baldwin.


Mr. and Mrs. Ted Collins went Saturday to North Star where they visited relatives. They had a family dinner with Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Eickenberg and returned Sunday evening.

Mrs. Fred Deihlman from Evart spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Myrl Scott.

Rev. Malanowski will bring the Gospel message at 10:30 Sunday morning at the Baptist Church. All are welcome to attend.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stanki from Grandville were last week guests of her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Mac Pence.

80 Years Ago

MAY 27, 1937




Paving of Main Street between the first intersection south of Seventh Street to the intersection north of Sixth Street will begin as soon as all can be organized to do so; it was announced this week by Village President O. J. North.

At the present time Mr. North is interviewing the owners of business places along the street which will be paved and asking them for $2.00 a front foot to help defray the cost of the paving. The balance will be paid out of weight and gas tax funds returned to the village.

~ ~ ~


At noon Thursday agreement was reached between General Motors and the U.A.W.U., which it is hoped will mean the end of the costliest motor tie-up in history.

General Motors agrees to recognize the union only as it affects members; it will begin negotiations under a collective bargaining agreement at once.

~ ~ ~


Berkeley Smith, editor of the Evart Review, attended the spring meetings of the Michigan Press Association at East Lansing last weekend.


100 Years Ago

MAY 25, 1917



Central Chippewa

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Church, of Luther, who have been visiting the former’s brother, John F. Church, and sister, Mrs. William McCallum, in Central Chippewa, returned home Saturday.

Ralph and John Hinkley went to Jackson last Tuesday, returning home Friday, While there they visited the prison.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford and daughter, Marjorie, and Mrs. George E. Sparks, motored to Big Rapids one day last week.

Floyd McCallum was here from Remus last week to see relatives.

Everyone had a splendid time who attended the social at the Sparks School last week.

Elmer Hartman is quite ill with rheumatism.

There will be preaching at the Sparks Church this Sunday.

South Sylvan

George Lashua has moved his family and household goods from the Walter Seeley farm to the farm of Davy & Birdsall, north of the sand hill near Evart.

Mr. and Mrs. William Helmer, of Barryton, were recent visitors at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Earl Martin and family.

Mrs. Samuel Robertson, who has been in poor health for some time, is gradually growing weaker and her friends fear may not recover.



120 Years Ago

MAY 28, 1897



Gormer News

Edward Underwood is very sick with the quinsy.

  1. M. Dunham went to Jennings of Friday last.

Our warm weather and rain has taken a bad cold.

Omer Sharp’s little girl is very sick with a relapse of the measles.

John Morehouse, of Ashley, visited friends of this place last week.

Mrs. Chas. Blaise has been quite sick but is better at this writing.

On account of the heavy rain Sunday there was no service at the school house.

Mrs. Minnie Sutton and children, of Clare, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mooney.

Sears News

Edgar Thomas, of Detroit, spent a few days with his father, Donald Thomas.

John Hillen and son, Edward, attended the Farmer-Labor meeting at Owosso on Saturday of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dake and children spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Emil Pfeifer, of Lowell.

~ ~ ~

  1. R. Davy, Pres.  -  Wm. Rogers, Cashier


of Evart

(Successors to Wolf Bros. Lumberman’s Bank.)


General Banking

Business Transacted.


Four Percent Paid on

Savings Deposits.



  1. H. Rose, J. W. Matthews,
  2. E. Lacy, Wm. Rogers,
  3. R. Davy.

140 Years Ago

MAY 25, 1877


There will be an Episcopal sociable at the residence of Mrs. Dermont, corner of Sixth and Main streets, in the village of Evart, next Tuesday evening. All cordially invited to attend.

The stenographer sent to report the proceedings of the Circuit Court, got on a spree and was invited to leave the court room, by order of Judge Wheeler. It is also reported that he was afterward placed in the Cooler at Hersey.

Providence permitting, there will be services held in the Protestant Episcopal Chapel (formerly known as the Methodist Hall), in this village next Sunday, at 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., by the Missionary, Rev. Wm. Matthias. Strangers will be welcome.

~ ~ ~


An enthusiastic Englishman has given $25,000 to establish a Bishopric at the capital of Mtosa, Kingdom of Uganda, Africa.

New Jersey turned out a million and a half pounds of grapes last year. Two hundred thousand pounds were kept for making wine and the rest exported.

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