50 Years Ago

MAY 11, 1967



The reorganization plan election held recently carried by substantial majorities in all three affected school districts here, ending finally the school redistricting problem in this area and leaving the county with but four districts.

The Reed City area gave the plan a 394 yes to 156 no margin.

The Evart district voted 119 in favor to 25 against, while in the Brooks district the majority was better than two to one with 24 yes to 11 against.

The vote was closer in the Sears district with 13 votes favoring the plan and nine opposing.

Primary school districts now in operation will finish out any terms they have yet to complete, but will be merged with the K-12 districts on July 1st.

One-room schools with their nostalgic memories to thousands of people in the county become a part of history now and every child will attend a “city school.”

In neighboring Mecosta County, the long-advocated merger of the Barryton, Mecosta-Remus, Weidman districts, plus the one-room Fouts district finally carried by a 1548-738 margin. Every precinct voted in favor of the plan.

In the Big Rapids area, voters clung to their one-room schools and the plan lost by a 406-142 vote. Grant Center and Ely schools, plus two districts in Newaygo County will continue to operate their own schools. None of the precincts involved gave the plan a favorable majority.

69 Years Ago

MAY 14, 1947




Ray Jenks of Webberville, called Wednesday afternoon on his relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sherman. He also called on Mr. and Mrs. David Sherman of Evart.

Mrs. Mae Bowersox was a caller in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Floyd Dodge Friday afternoon. Sunday afternoon Robert Bowersox called there also.

Mr. and Mrs. Vern Hillier and son, Junior, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Sisco, of Brinton, Harold Hillier and Miss Joyce VanOrder were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hillier.

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hoffmeyer went to Reed City Thursday on business.

Mrs. G. D. Rowe and daughter, Phyllis, called on Mrs. Dean Richardson Monday forenoon.

William Heimbecker, of Detroit, is spending a two week vacation with relatives in this vicinity.

Sylvan No. 5

Work has started once more on the oil well on the Tom McLaughlin property. Work has been delayed on account of much rain and other reasons.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Glassley’s family visited at the Ralph Barnes home Saturday and called on their aunt, Mrs. Thomas McLaughlin and on her grandmother Mary Barnes, at the John Martin home.

Jess and Albert Lee and Will Gaffney were Sunday callers at the John Martin home.

Mr. and Mrs. Merton Holmes and daughter, Norma, spent Sunday at the Fred Barnes home.

90 Years Ago

MAY 6, 1927



Beef Steak, all cuts – 22 cts. per pound.

Beef Roast – 14-16 cts. per pound.

Beef Stews – 12 cts. per pound.

Hamburger Steak – 15 cts. per pound.

Lard – 20 cts. per pound.

Lard Compound – 18 cts. per pound.


Phone 73

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A new assortment of the Volland Toy Books and Mottoes.

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Mrs. Hilden, who has been assisting with the work at the home of her son, Edd., the past two weeks, returned to her home at Manistee Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Omer Hall went to Owosso Tuesday to visit the former’s brother, Ray, and family. They will also visit at Lansing and Grand Rapids before returning.

Miss Bessie Bailey, music teacher in the Marion School, spent the weekend with relatives in Cadillac.

The M. E. Women’s Committee served a supper at the Marion House Wednesday and were well patronized. They cleared well over $30.00

County Notes

Miss Mabel Morris went home over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Carmichael and children and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tucker drove up from Flint to visit their parents overnight.


110 Years Ago

MAY 10, 1907




Some very small prices from the LACE CURTAIN department.

OUR SPECIAL – 80 cts. a pair.

These Curtains of White Nottingham, good quality, fancy net, floral border, over stitched edge, size 38 in x 3 yds.

Remember the Price –

now just 30 cts. a pair.

Other designs and prices ranging from $1.00 to $2.50 a pair.

Felt Window Shades 3x6 ft., complete with fixtures, 10 cts. ea.

Cloth Window Shades 3x6 ft. complete with fixtures, 25 cts. ea.

Extension Sash Curtain Rods, brass plated, extends from 24 to 44 inches, 10 cts. ea.

Extension Curtain Poles, brass plated, silver corrugated ball ends, 25 cts. ea.


Everything from Canvas Gloves at 3 pair for 25 cents to Mocha and Reindeer at $1.50 a pair.

Gloves and Mits for all purposes.


Eastern Granulated Sugar, per cwt. - $5.25.

Rolled Oats per lb. – 3 cts.

McLaughlin’s XXXX Coffee per lb. – 15 cts.

Lion Coffee per lb. – 15 cts.

Daisy Cup Coffee, a new one, per lb. – 15 cts.

German Blend Coffee per lb. – 20 cts.

Rice per lb. – 6, 8 and 10 cts.


The Store that Placed

Hersey on the Map

130 Years Ago

MAY 13, 1887


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