50 Years Ago

JUNE 1, 1967



Evart library board members this week announced the arrival of two young ladies who will take permanent residence in the library and model styles and fashions of yesteryear.

The mannequins will be called “Treva” an anagram of “Evart,” and “Fredericka” to honor their donor Fred B. Smith. Costumes from Evart’s past will be displayed on the figures and area residents are urged to loan clothing typical of various eras. Presently the costumes modeled suggest the early 1900s, with long skirts, capes and high button shoes being displayed.

A separate display at the library is a table full of books on redecorating and remodeling of the home, considered an area of special interest at this time of year. A collection of volumes on this topic is on loan from Mid-Michigan Library League Headquarters at Cadillac for a limited time. Come in and Browse.

~ ~ ~


Mrs. Bill Steig called on Jennie Leemgraven on Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Truman left their children with Sonia, Darlene and Dale Turman on Thursday evening while they went to Cadillac.

Mrs. Lois Truax entertained the Bethel W.S.C.S. at her home on Friday evening.

69 Years Ago

JUNE 4, 1947




Esseler J. Hanna, field service officer, Veterans of Foreign Wars, will be in town Tuesday afternoon, to handle all types of claims for veterans or their dependents, including: pensions, compensations, bonus matters, terminal leave, hospitalization, education, tax exemptions, etc.

Mr. Hanna will be located in the Legion Building and urges veterans with serve-connected problems to visit him that day.

~ ~ ~


Mr. and Mrs. Myrl French and Keith, Carla Jean Holmgren, Mrs. W. H. Echlin, all of Evart, and Miss Bernice Echlin, of Stockbridge, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Holmgren of Reed City. Carla is still staying with her aunt and uncle.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cooper and daughter, Karla, of Clare, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Musgrove.

Mrs. Robert Seagraves and sons, of Grand Rapids, came on Sunday to spend the week with her parents and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Sol Haist and Ruby.

Sharon Finucane spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Johnson.

Mrs. M. J. Root accompanied Mrs. Lloyd Woodward and Mrs. Ralph Hunt, of East Hersey, to the Lincoln Town Hall on Friday to attend a Farm Bureau meeting.

90 Years Ago

JUNE 3, 1927



A & P – Where Economy Rules

We are holding this SALE in honor of all our friends and neighbors who have so faithfully conducted their grocery shopping in our fine establishment. Please continue to visit your local A & P Store.

Sale Items

Coffee – 8 O’clock Best Grade Santos – 3 lb. for $1.00.

Flour – A &P Family 24 1.2 lb. Sacks - $1.09.

Oleo – Nutley – 2 lbs. for 39 cts., Golden Hue – 2 lbs. for 45 cts.

Beans – A & P Oven Baked, Delicious, Appetizing, No. 2 cans – 12 cans for 89 cts.

Karo Syrup – Blue Label – 3 lb. cans for 26 cts., Red Label – 5 lb. cans for 30 cts.

Soap – P & G or Kirks – 10 bars for just 38 cts.

Milk, A & P Evaporated, Pure and Wholesome – 3 tall cans for 25 cts.

Pure Lard, Absolutely Snow White – 2 lbs. for 35 cts.

Corn Flakes, Sunnyfield – 3 pkgs for 25 cts.

The Great



110 Years Ago

JUNE 7, 1907




Osceola No. 4

Miss Spears spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Schack.

Mr. and Mrs. DeView spent Tuesday with Mr. Connor’s near Evart.

The school is out for the summer months and a program was offered on the closing day.

Con Grover and Will DeView left Monday morning to do some work in the McKinley camp.

Mrs. Stuart Allan, son and daughter, Jay and Ruth, spent Sunday with Orville Allan and family.

Mrs. Clark Courtright returned Wednesday from an extended visit to her daughter, Mrs. Etta Hudson.

A stork passed over this neighborhood Wednesday and left a nice baby boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Hammer.


Mr. Dyer returned from Ionia County Friday.

Mrs. John Head is visiting her sister at Lake Station this week.

Ernest Sickles and family have moved to Marion Township

Mr. and Mrs. S. Cruikshank entertained a few friends Monday evening.

Rev. T. M. Huddle returned home Wednesday evening from a tour of S. S. work.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Crittenden entertained a few friends at cards Wednesday evening.

The Ladies Aid will hold their next meeting with Mrs. Price, Wednesday afternoon.

The “Crazy Club,” with a few invited friends, traveled to Chippewa Station Tuesday evening and attended the Cobweb Social there.

130 Years Ago

JUNE 3, 1887


Reed City

Commissioner Sparks has ordered the restoration to entry of 12,300 acres of land in the Reed City land district, which were selected in 1871 by the Jackson, Lansing & Saginaw Railroad Co.

The commissioners in 1885 held that these lands were excepted from the railroad grant by reason of having been embraced in an Indian reservation at date of grant and that by the subsequent extinguishment of the Indian reservation the lands reverted to the public domain and did not inure to the railroad company.

Secretary Lamar affirmed this decision, and the present section opens the lands to settlement and entry under the public land laws.


There is soon to be a saw mill built on section 2, this township, so it is reported.

The wooden bowl factory will begin operations next month, so the proprietors say.

Stark Lampman has been engaged by the Reed City Democrat as canvassing agent.

Sears News

  1. Lewis has two brothers-in-law visiting him.

Mrs. Mel Sleezer has gone to Gratiot County for a few weeks’ visit.

  1. O. Samuels is the happy father of a baby boy. It arrived Wednesday evening.

The dance at the Carson House on Tuesday evening was not a great success, we learn.