AARP chapter assists WISE

By Richard Karns

Special to the Herald Review

At our monthly meetings of AARP Chapter 2418, there are usually 25 to 30 members present, which includes guests. At the meetings we have a program that highlights what is new or changing in our community, state or other organizations of interest.

Jane Currie, the new executive director of Women's Information Service, Inc., was the presenter at our September meeting. Being new in her position, Jane wanted to not only introduce herself, but informed us as to what was going on at WISE.

WISE is one of those organizations that is always changing, and so is the need of many items to make its mission a success. Jane brought a wish list of items for us to consider donating to the WISE program. This allowed our membership to consider if we would be able to assist in meeting those needs. The membership agreed to bring items from the list to the October meeting. I have included a portion of the wish list from WISE in the event any of you are able to assist with those items.

ARP members realize the needs of others and we try to be aware of what is happening around us. It is essential to be informed if we are to be advocates. There are so many different scams going on that affect not only the senior citizen, but everyone else as well. At our October meeting, we were presented with another program in Michigan that is another major issue.

The title was "No one is for sale" and it was on human trafficking, which was terrifying. Michigan is now No. 2 in the country, just under Nevada, for human trafficking. There is now a Northern Michigan Coalition started that has a mission to end human trafficking in our state.

I would like to offer anyone 50 or older an invitation to be with us at our local AARP meeting on the second Wednesday of every month at the United Methodist Church of Reed City. The meetings begin with a noon potluck lunch and the program begins at 1 p.m. Please consider joining us at the local chapter.

For more information about WISE, contact the shelter at (231) 796-6600.

WISE Wish List Items

Twin size blankets and comforters

Bed pillows

Hair shampoo and conditioner

Feminine Products

Diapers and pull-ups of all sizes, baby wipes

Frozen or canned meat

Non-perishable food items

Laundry, dishwasher and liquid dish soap

Toothbrushes and deodorant

Paper plates, towels, cups

School supplies

First aid supplies and Band-aids

Over-the-counter medications

Sleepwear of all sizes for women and children