4-H program honors youth, community

REED CITY — As an organization that embodies the principles of hard work, perserverance and responsibility, the Osceola County 4-H program teaches youth the benefits of working hard and the satisfaction of a job well done.

And a job well done deserves to be honored.

To celebrate Osceola County’s 4-H members and supporters and recognize those who have excelled in the 4-H program, Osceola County acommunity members united for the 68th annual 4-H awards banquet Sunday.

Hosted by 4-H program coordinator Jake Steig, youth 4-Hers were given awards by animal category and recognized for individual achievements.

Following are some of the awards given to youth and community members:

Achievement - Ginny Miller and Jacqualyn Tryon

Alumni  - Derek Maney

Beef - Ginny Miller and Kayla Cassidy

Cavy - Ceejae Earle and Jade Ebels

Demonstration - Elizabeth Shannon

Food & Nutrition - Bethany Maciejewski and Desiree Reed

Goat - Tyler Lindquist

Healthy Living - Desiree Reed and Jade Ebels

Horse - Mikayla Stack and Anna Lindquist

Judging - Hannah Trowbridge and Elizabeth Trowbridge

Leadership - Chelsea Martin

Personal Development - Charles Moore

Poultry - Emily Ruppert and Reese Drilling

Public Speaking - Reese Drilling

Rabbits - Brittany Cassidy

Shooting Sports - Emily Ruppert

Swine - Kellsey Wilson

I Dare You Award - Ginny Miller

Family Partnership Award - Nathanael, Erin and Lauren Millen

Friend of 4-H - Triple D Firewood, Judith Eversole, Dewing's Corner and Todd Miller

Meritorious Service Award - Family, Farm & Home and Citizens Bank

Helping Hands Award - Andy Lattimore

Outstanding Fair Exhibitor - Ginny Miller

Special Volunteer - Chelsea Erler

Leader of the Year - Jodi Drilling

Beef Record Book Interview Award from Citizens Bank in Evart - Ginny Miller and Morgan Cook

First Year Leaders - Katrina Bontekoe, Chelsea Erler, Dawn Rueffer, Doug Rueffer and Teresa Tryon

Five Year Leaders - Nicole Boyd, Scot Boyd, Anthony Brocht, Jenifer Brocht, Jillian Clos, Stacie Dennis, Danielle Nelson, Deborah Pifer, Rebekah Reagan, Kim Schonert, Randall VanBuren, Dawn Webster, Dawn Wilson and Tracey Wirth

10 Year Leaders - Stacy Edwards and Darwin Martin

15 Year Leaders - Katey Lattimore and Erin Patterson

20 Year Leader - Cheryl Nellis

25 Year Leader - Vern Benzing Sr.

30 Year Leader - Rich Fitch