Can we make #ShoutoutSaturday a thing? Like once a week, we could just say something nice in a semi-public forum about someone who is great and deserving of recognition? I’m going to try to make it a thing right now, because I have some thanks to give.

My first shoutout goes to a lady who I don’t know. She was sitting next to me at a shampoo bowl at Natural Beauty two weeks back. I was holding my daughter, who was feeling shy and losing patience with the last of our appointments that day. Taking her along to these type of things isn’t something I normally do, but on this particular day it was as necessary as it eventually was exhausting for the two of us.

Anyway, there we are, my head in the shampoo bowl and Olivia’s head on my chest. Suddenly we hear a kind voice say, “Does she like Daniel Tiger?” and a Kindle Fire appears above my ceiling-gazing face. A dear, sweet woman was handing us her tablet with a Daniel Tiger game queued up for Olivia to play. The answer: Yes, Olivia LOVES Daniel Tiger, and she adores touch screens, especially when they display games.

Soon we were back in the spinny hair-cutting chair and my formerly restless child was content. Minutes later — maybe two or three, honestly — she was asleep, and she stayed that way for the rest of the appointment and an hour after we arrived home.

Remember a while ago when I wrote about "Other Parents," the people in the room with whom you can exchange a single glance and know they understand your plight? This lady was in the category of Other Grandparents — not your kid’s grandma, but a grandma who just can’t seem to turn off the grandmothering in the best way possible.

So this is a shoutout for that lady, whose name I never got. You’re an app angel, a tablet Tiger tour de force. Thank you for your help.

The second shoutout goes to child-free aunties. Olivia has two, and they’re both amazing.

I can’t take credit for that moniker; it comes from a Huffington Post essay titled (obviously) “Why Child-Free Aunties Are Amazing.” The essay highlights how these particular aunties are in the position to give their time and love freely, along with their support for tired parents and some of the best gifts for their nieces and nephews. It got me thinking about my sister and Bryan’s aunt, who I guess is technically Olivia’s great-aunt.

My sister bought Olivia a bubble machine. A bubble machine! Olivia LOVES bubbles, and this thing makes thousands of bubbles per minute. She calls it her bubble shower. That is adorable. The summer has been made. Also, Auntie Breck has the horse Olivia can brush, the dogs Olivia can chase and the parrot that can sit on Olivia’s shoulder, which makes her frontrunner for Coolest Person Olivia Knows. Thank you, Auntie Breck.

Aunt Mary, or Mimi as she prefers to be called, is also pretty great. She comes over and she’s down for an adventure. Last summer, she got on a kick about going blueberry picking so we made it happen at some farm out in the middle of nowhere, and we had a blast. And we had blueberries until April. She calls randomly and says, “Hey do you wanna?” and we say, “Yeah, let’s go.” I hope Olivia remembers that about her when she grows up. Thank you, Mimi.

So give it a try. Give someone some #ShoutoutSaturday love. There’s someone you know who deserves it.