The nerve of Newt Gingrich

I suppose I should admire Newt Gingrich.

I don’t.

One thing is for sure: I have to give the guy credit for having some real chutzpah.

Chutzpa: (Yiddish) unbelievable gall; insolence; audacity

Chutzpah is the quality of audacity, for good or for bad. The word derives from the Hebrew meaning “insolence”, “audacity”, and “impertinence. (

I could never get away with some of the stuff this guy tries, and often succeeds in foisting off on his admiring public.

Truth be known, Newt has a heckuva lot more fans than do I. He has scores of admirers in the Family Values camp, and that’s something I’ve never been able to figure out.

Newt is the complete antithesis of family values, and yet whole slews of the “faithful” believe he is the Republican Party’s hope for the future.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Newt says one thing, does categorically the opposite, and good conservative folks all around the country just kinda ignore the obvious and get on with things — including supporting Newt.

They love him for his erstwhile Contract With America — even though there was and is a perfectly working, dramatically dynamic document that is, in fact, a REAL Contract With America — the Constitution.

He touts Christian family values while cheating on his wife who is battling cancer, eventually leaving her to marry his paramour.

He then chucks his second wife in favor of the woman he was having an affair with while still married to No. 2.

He’s now with No. 3.


Quantitatively this guy apparently has much more family values than do I — three times as much.

Still, in one way I’m pretty jealous of him.

He can really get away with ... anything.

Newt can spout whatever silliness, and folks just kinda nod their heads still believing him to be a serious personality.


Newt recently had his feet held to the fire with regard to his proclivity for womanizing.

In a Q&A session, someone asked him to explain his cheating ways.

So what does he answer???

Newt says his womanizing was at least in part “ ... driven by how passionately I felt about this country ...”

As the Facebook generation might say — OMG?

Really, Newt? Really?

You cheated on your wives because you love America??!!??

Gosh. I wish I could get away with that as easily as Newt does.

I can just see it now ...

“Now Dina. You have to understand. I spent the evening with the Swedish twins because I’m so driven by patriotism. I did it for America!”

Heck, I couldn’t even get away with: “Don’t be mad, Dina. I ate that chocolate eclair because I’m so passionate about America.”

My Dearly Beloved isn’t stupid.

She wouldn’t accept “patriotism” as an excuse for anything — let alone infidelity.

But, Newt stands in front of an audience and has the ... um ... er ... moxie to claim it was his passion for the nation that forced him to cheat on his wife, and cheat on his wife, and cheat on his ...

Here’s the deal.

There are some very “interesting” people drifting about the political scene right now.

Some of ‘em are pretty smart, and relatively honest.

Some of ‘em a pretty dumb, and simply dishonest, (if not down and out liars.)

I’m talking both parties.

We, as a nation, need to be a little discerning when figuring out who is going to lead this country in years to come, ‘cause that decision is getting to be more and more important.

We have some real kooks out looking for the Big Job in the running of these United States.

There’s Newt, Bachmann, Palin and a slew of others.

There’s nothing wrong with supporting a conservative candidate, but folks need to remember that there are conservatives out there with a lot of good things to say, who aren’t blathering idiots.

Just because you perceive a woman to be “a strong woman” doesn’t mean she’s a smart woman.

Just because you think Newt is a intelligent man, doesn’t mean he’s presidential material.

There are good people out there — both conservative and liberal, Republican and Democratic.

But it’s the Newts, and the Sarahs, and the Michelles who continue to set the tone.

And that’s sad. Very, very sad.

Still, any guy who can excuse his peccadilloes away by saying it was all because of patriotism might be an interesting person to have in the White House.

Scary ... but interesting.