Pastor’s Pen: Worth keeping

He bought the ticket and now was waiting for the winning numbers to be called.

He didn’t expect much, but was glad the money went to the Little League. However, winning that new car would be great.

The numbers were called one by one. Eight. He had that one. Five. Another. Six. Perfect, but the first three numbers are usually common. Nine and then seven. Yes and yes. His excitement is growing. Only one more number. Two. 856972.

Wow! Right on the nose! He had just won a new car!

The announcer stated that the winner must bring his ticket to the car dealer in Mount Pleasant next Tuesday, five days away. The car would be waiting there.

If you were this man, what would you now do with that ticket? Would you throw it away like most others did with theirs after the numbers were called off? Would you give it to your five year old to play with? Definitely not!

You would treasure it and treat it like gold. You would put it somewhere nobody would take it and where it wouldn’t get lost. The ticket is now valuable. In fact, it’s worth as much as a car, not for what it is but for what it will become.

Just like the ticket above was worthless in of itself, someone could say that the fertilization of an egg inside a woman is nothing in of itself. Some say that’s now life, but others say it is not. The ticket in our story is not the car, but is treated as valuable because of what it will become. The fetus inside the woman, whether life or not, is valuable. Why? Because of what it will become. It will become something God considers valuable. He thought it so important that He created it in His image (Genesis 1:26-27), formed it differently than all creation (Genesis 2:7,22) and sent His Son to die so it can live eternally (John 3:16).

Whether a fetus is in reality a live human being or not, it will become one. That alone makes it valuable and worth treasuring. Treasure God’s gift of life.