Associate Pastor Ron Witbeck, Resurrection Life Church Big Rapids

Associate Pastor Ron Witbeck, Resurrection Life Church Big Rapids

Courtesy photo/Ron Witbeck

‘Will I,’ when God gives the unction (direction), to step out of our comfort zone to speak, pray or bless someone? Will we have the strength, courage, or the faith? We may need to go beyond our confidence, relying on God to guide us, then giving us the heart and words to express His will. When Jesus went into heaven, we were then commissioned to reach out to others, showing His love through our actions.

‘Will I?’ When becoming aware of someone who is all alone or ill, we should pray with them or maybe even visit them. They might just need to have us there to listen to them, sometimes the best listener is the one who says nothing. Our presence speaks volumes to someone who has, in their mind, been abandoned or forgotten.

Don’t be deceived by the devil with his lies trying to inject thoughts of ‘who are we to knock on a door or make a phone call.’ God could be leading us to a neighbor, a relative, or a friend. We might be surprised by the number of hurting people who don’t want to be a burden to others. They sometimes could think that we are too busy to listen to their concerns! We may, without knowing it, give the impression of how little time we have to even do everything we want. 

The devil may try to discourage us by reminding us of our personal failures. Remind him that Peter denied Jesus three times, causing him to weep afterward; Jesus restored Peter, then Peter led 3,000 people to accept Jesus as their savior. Saul, who persecuted new believers, was knocked off his high horse, then converted, renamed Paul and wrote two-thirds of the New Testament!

Others that God used, Moses, King David, and Jonah who were all called by God. Jonah tried to run away from the call of God, then being swallowed by a big fish to save him, then lived to complete God’s plan! So, IF we decide not to step out when called, we will more than likely not be found inside of a fish!

‘Will I?’ Let’s then answer with a ‘YES,’ knowing that through the Holy Spirit who will empower us, all we need to do is ask Him to guide us, equipping us to fulfill God’s work.

‘Will I?’ Yes we will, then submitting to God’s requests the possibilities are beyond our imagination or thoughts.  

Isaiah 55:8-9 says ...

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways My ways,”
declares the Lord.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are My ways higher than your ways
and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

‘Will I,’ when God is trying to reach one of the lost, not allow our ‘thoughts’ to prevent us from being obedient!

Thanks for using us!

— Ron Witbeck is an associate pastor at Resurrection Life Church in Big Rapids