Pastor's Pen: Where are our hearts?  

Question, with all that is going on around us, ‘Where Are Our Hearts?' Are we acting like the ostrich, burying our heads in the sand? Are we thinking if we can not see it, it will not affect us? However, just like the ostrich, our bodies are still very much exposed or vulnerable. ‘Where is our hearts’

With all of God’s creation, other than we humans, He has provided defenses when they face danger. Some change colors, some screech, with others they roar, flee, or they may freeze unable to run for safety.

Sometimes this new era reminds me of the story about a frog that was placed in a pot of comfortable water temperature, the heat was gradually increased, they failed to realize they were being cooked. They are consumed by the comfort of the heat, earlier they could have escaped to freedom, they did have the ability to leap to safety. Where were their hearts, only concentrating on the comfort.

Others in the wild, over a period of time could be coached into trusting those that they have a natural fear of. My grandpa Ostrander would sit on his back porch with a bag of vanilla wafers, he would throw them out to the squirrels who usually kept a safe distance. Upon eating them with no consequences, they enjoyed a free meal.

Grandpa would then begin to throw the wafer closer to himself, over a period of a few days that fear was given up for the temptation of the free treats. Forgetting their natural instinct they followed the desire of their flesh for the satisfaction given them by the wafers. Where had their hearts taken them?

Eventually the squirrels would take the wafflers right from Grandpa’s hand, even allowing him to touch them. So comfortable that they began to sit upon his lap. However when someone else would be on the porch with Grandpa, the squirrels would again show some of their natural instinct of being cautious.

‘Where Are Our Hearts’? Are we remaining true to our faith in God? Or are we falling for the lies of Satan, who is the great deceiver who will twist the truth, giving us false hope? We can begin to feel betrayed!

As Jesus tells us in John 10:10, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

We are constantly being given ‘wafers’ such as fears to contain us, promises of something for free, broken promises, our freedoms slowly being taken from us.

Are we becoming like the ostriches, the frogs, or the squirrels that unknowingly gave up their natural instincts?

No, let’s believe Jesus’ Promise of that abundant life. Realize it is the time to ‘pray’ like never before. Reaffirming our trust in God, remembering all of those times in the Bible where God furnished help and deliverance in difficult times.

We, the Christians, can with the power of God released through prayer bring this Nation back to following God. Instead of the different religious beliefs, which are keeping us separated, let’s unite by putting God back in His place.

Can you imagine the power of God being released upon this Nation of ours; or the whole world? Nothing is impossible for God!