Pastor’s Pen: Social media acceptance

I spent a little time over the break binge watching a show about social media stars.  It was basically young men ages 13-22 who have come to know fame through their social media venues.

Some had talent like singing or making funny videos, while others seemingly became famous for reasons I still have yet to determine.  None-the-less, these guys were traveling all over the Unites States, Europe and Australia meeting lots of people, mostly girls, who wanted their pictures and signatures.

It was very interesting, but not as interesting as hearing these social media stars talk behind the scenes.  I didn’t have to listen long to realize that many of them had no father figure in their lives.  He had left while they were young or they never knew him.  Also, several of these young men, though famous now, were bullied or made fun of in school.  They were not the guys that everyone thought of as popular.  They were the opposite.  Yet social media had brought them fame.

Most of them considered this group of guys their family of brothers and their friends.  Most of them watched their social media uploads as if their status in life depended upon it.  They counted up their “Likes” and “Views”.  It was very important to them that they reach into the hundreds or millions.  When looking to the heart of it all, these guys mainly wanted to belong and to be a part of a group that cared about them.  They felt like they found that through social media fame.

For those guys, not being accepted may have pushed them to do something more.  Whether that will end in their overall benefit remains to be seen; but for many us non-acceptance can lead to sorrow or depression.  We can feel like we’re worthless and that nobody wants us or cares for us.  But there is One who cares, Jesus.  It amazes me that those who were unaccepted or socially awkward were the very ones He called.  Let’s look at some of His own apostles:

  • He has a mouthy, smelly fisherman in Peter.
  • There’s the “Sons of Thunder”.  I’m guessing that anger issues may be present there.
  • We have Simon the Zealot.  This is just what you need – a rebel causing all kinds of issues.
  • Oh, and Thomas the doubter.  Who really wants to be around a Negative Nelly all the time?
  • And don’t forget the tax collector, Matthew.  Nobody liked him.

When you look at Jesus’ apostles, they weren’t the ones most teachers would call their ‘favorite students’.  These were the ones you send out of the classroom for discipline issues.  Yet, Jesus called them.  He wanted them in His group.  Amazing!  And today, this same Jesus calls those who are unacceptable, shy, undesirable, weak, bullied and despised.  He takes them to Himself and makes them holy, righteous and honorable to God.  (1 Corinthians 1:26-30)

Are you feeling like you are nothing and uncared for today?  Go to God.  He will take you in.