Pastor's Pen: Small events

Sometimes there can be ‘small events’ that we tend to brush off or completely ignore. There’s an old saying; “don’t make a mountain out of a molehill,” that can happen with ‘events’ not being dealt with.

These ‘events’ that we may brush off could be of great importance to those closest to us. With the demands of today's world, there will be things that are unwittingly considered a top priority in our lives. Some unimportant ‘events’ could be a broken promise to a child or forgetting our own anniversary, which can have an underlying consequence to those we love, leaving them feeling or thinking they really don’t matter to us!

Maybe by putting our hobbies or other people in a position of importance in our lives can cause us to become misguided. This could lead to becoming self-centered thinking of only what is important or benefiting us.

It might be time, before it's too late, to evaluate some of the ‘small events’ in our lives. Then comes the questions of where do we start? Let’s take a serious look at our lives.

How is our relationship with God, is He a ‘small event,’ a relationship that is only considered going to church on Sunday mornings? Then when walking out of the doors of the church we leave Him behind until next week, unless a situation arises and we feel the need that it should be taken to God in our prayers.

Those of us that are married, have we allowed our spouse’s become that ‘small event?’ Have we let other things become more important to us than they are? If we have children, where do we rank them?

Stop, think about what we may be allowing to replace their importance in our lives. Let’s begin by taking what we consider some of our ‘small events’ in our lives and realize how really important they may be to others.

Okay where do we go from here? Let’s look to our Creator, who will guide us into putting everything into its proper order.

• First, put God in our daily lives, not just a Sunday morning visitation.

• Second, our spouses, upon marrying them we became one; we are to love them, hug them, and make them part of our everyday lives.

• Third, our children, if God has blessed us with them, love them by being there, and showing how important they are; teaching them about Jesus and His sacrifice He has made for all of us.

• Fourth, our church and church family, restoring fellowship with our brothers and sisters, Jesus knew the importance of relationships.

• Fifth, comes our jobs, hobbies and those other people God has placed in our lives.

With the Holy Spirit directing us, we can put everything into its proper order, thank You, Father.