Pastor's Pen: Our quiet time

In our busy lives, it may seem almost impossible to find the time for ‘Our Quiet Time,’ a personal time with our Heavenly Father. He truly wants us to have a time where we can be open and intimate with Him.

However, some may find it hard to relate to a father that desires to have a loving relationship. Sometimes fathers can be absent from the home, could have been one of abuse, or fathers that may have left some with the impression of being only a provider. However, for others the father may have been one of compassion, love and support, and making time to listen to their deepest concerns.

Moving forward it may be a time for some people to offer forgiveness or for others thankfulness for the relationships that the fathers have left. God knows the needs of having healthy relationships. He also knows of every heartache, every pain, rejection, and for many those fond memories.

In a relationship with God some may confess Him as Lord and Savior, while some may be just beginning to walk with Him or have in the past turned away from the Father who forgives and loves them!

God took the first step in drawing us into His loving arms by sending Jesus to pay for all past mistakes, offering forgiveness! Then by the confession of the Name of Jesus, we become the very sons and daughters of God. Jesus made it possible for us to have direct contact with God.

Let’s start with the ‘how-to's’ of finding ‘Our Quiet Time:’

1) Find a quiet place and begin by quieting the mind;

2) Don’t get impatience, concentrate, maybe read a favorite Scripture;

3) Meditate on God’s Word asking the Holy Spirit for a new and fresh interpretation, don’t feel rushed; and

4) Allow time with expectations of a new relationship being started or refreshed.

Start a conversation with Father God just like we talk with others. Give Him a chance to speak, it could be a seemingly quiet voice within your spirit. There might be a feeling of warmth, arms embracing, or overwhelming peace. Just let it flow!

While seeking God in ‘Our Quiet Time,’ now that we have cleared the mind, prayed and read Scripture, allow the Holy Spirit to take us into that beautiful place, the realm of God. We can receive enlightenment, encouragement, revelations, or peace, maybe even a vision of God’s plan.

We should take charge of ‘Our Quiet Time’ by rebuking all of those worldly thoughts and Satan may try to distract us. We have been given authority over the devil, in the Name of Jesus, that he has to flee and is defeated.

Now let that love of God overtake your thoughts and give Him the position of ‘Father’!

Enjoy your ‘Quiet Time’ with God!