Pastor's Pen: Our burning bush  

During the Biblical time of Moses, God used a burning bush to get his attention, however being in flames it was not being consumed, then he drew nearer in amazement. Having his attention God spoke to him from within the flames.

More than likely we will not have a burning bush experience, but has God tried to get our attention in other forms so He could speak to us? Could it have been through a tragic event or maybe another person sent to provide an answer to an unexplained vision or thought? God may use our quiet time of prayer and meditation, seeking Him and allowing the Holy Spirit with His gentle soft voice to reveal more to us.

When we are involved with our prayer time instead of just doing all of the talking let’s take into consideration what James tells us:

James 1:19; “So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak,...”

We might be amazed at what we can experience while we quiet our minds, bringing every thought into submission. Jesus many times withdrew from others to be alone with Father God, eliminating the distractions of the world. He then talked with God, and listened.

Maybe James has a point, we may have a problem with listening as He is trying to speak to us?

Do we doubt that God would speak to us? He might first have to get our attention! If we have missed the opportunity or are confused as to how to listen, maybe we are too busy with our personal lives and concerns.

We could be blinded by the thoughts that if it doesn’t concern me then why worry about it. For example, thousands of unborn babies being treated like trash, or the riots causing damage and destruction and sometimes leading to the loss of lives. Then with the chaos that has become a norm in our inner cities, murders, and suicides. Our children are being kidnapped then used as sex slaves. Even our religious freedoms are being oppressed. Could this be the work of Satan?

What more needs to happen before it gets our attention, it may not be a burning bush but it’s all around us. There is an old hymn titled “Take It To The Lord In Prayer.” We have seen Franklin Graham and other Christian leaders organize prayer vigils for the uniting and healing of this Nation.

Could God be telling us that we, as local churches and followers of God, need to take bold steps, quiet ourselves, and maybe go to our knees in submission, asking and thanking God for His intervention, and releasing His power over our Nation. After all we are ‘One Nation Under God’!

We only need to listen to social media to realize what needs to be turned over to God, doing nothing is not an option.

Let’s unite in taking it to God Almighty and then God’s blessings will be released!