Pastor's Pen: My commitment

The world and the lusts inside me all say, “Everything is permissible for me,” but the reality is that not everything is permissible because not everything benefits me and my walk with God.

Though the voices all around and inside may shout out loud, “Everything is permissible for me,” I will reply, “I will not be mastered by anything.”

Those things that are considered just “meeting a need or desire that is natural” are not so. God will destroy those desires and will destroy this body. My body is not meant for sexual immorality, but is meant for the Lord and the Lord is meant for me. I will not give myself to any other. By the power of God the Lord Jesus Christ was raised up from the dead.

Can I expect any less? He will also raise me up.

I am His and am a member of Christ Himself.

How could I ever defy my King and God? How could I ever leave Him for some common harlot? How could I trade the one who created me for Himself for anything less than the perfect, abundant life He has set up for me? Never will I do this! Never again! If I do, then I am becoming one with that sin. I am claiming unity with the enemy, a unity that is impossible to have with both the enemy and the Lord. If I unite myself with the Lord then I will be one with Him in spirit and not merely by flesh that will decay.

Therefore, I must flee sexual immorality. Other sins defy God, but sexual sins have a special way of uniting me with the Evil One. It is a sin against God and against the body God created for me, a body that is a holy dwelling place for the Spirit of God. How could He live in a temple perverted by sin? It must be cleaned out. The King has come and He desires to dwell within me, within the temple He created for Himself. I am not my own. I am created for His dwelling and for His glory.

I was bought and paid for more than 2,000 years ago. Therefore, I will honor God with my body.