Pastor's Pen: Longing to leave

It had been a very busy couple of months, but this week wasn’t all that busy. It just felt very long. I still had my regular duties of youth group, visits, calls and letters, but the majority of that was completed. I was able to spend most of my time preparing a sermon because pastor would be gone. I enjoy doing that so it didn’t feel like a difficult task. Overall, it was a light week, and, yet, one of the longest weeks.

Why was that? Well, the next week I would be heading to Canada to go fishing. My mind was distracted. I enjoyed my work, but was really looking forward to getting in a boat and trolling for monster walleye or fighting a massive bass as it struggled to swim away. That’s where I really wanted to be. But until then, I had a mission. I had a job to complete to the best my ability.

We all have things we long for. Maybe it’s that truck we’re saving for or a new boat or a vacation. Paul says we are to long for something. “Meanwhile, we groan, longing to be clothed with our heavenly dwelling …” Paul says we’re to look ahead. Look forward to a new heaven and earth; to be rid of trouble; to have a new, unblemished body; and to be with the Lord Jesus. He was looking forward to that time when he would see Him and when Paul himself would no longer struggle with sin, but fully reflect Christ. We’re to long for our new body and our new home.

And Paul lived in light of that. He lived to “please God.” No matter what, he knew that the troubles here are “light and momentary” compared to the glory to come so he “fixed his eyes on Jesus”. And we’re talking about a guy who was imprisoned, stoned, beaten and shipwrecked! If his trouble was “light” compared to the glory to come then yours and mine are nothing at all. But the glory to come “far outweighs” it all.

Are you looking forward to a new heaven and earth? Do you wish you were rid of the struggle of sin? Are you excited to see the Lord face to face? Read about what is to come and get excited. And remember, no matter how bad things look or how difficult it is to serve Christ, keep on keeping on. Always obey God and always follow Him because what is to come far surpasses a truck, boat or even a fishing trip in Canada.

* Based on 2 Corinthians 4:16-5:10