Pastor's Pen: Here's my story

I was in the home of my Father. He cared for me very much, but I was restless. I wanted to see the world. I thought my father was keeping me from a life full of entertainment and satisfaction.

So I began to wander off. I didn’t go far at first. I would just go a little ways out and then return home. Seeing that nothing bad happened, I started to go a little farther leaving early the morning and not returning until dinner time. Eventually I just came close enough to see the house and yell to my Father, “I’ll be back later!” But later never came. The running back and forth and become tiring. It was too much work to go so far into the world and then try to run back. I would run to my sin and glance back in the direction of the Father’s house and then keep running further into my sin seeking to please myself and my own evil, lustful desires.

But one day the darkness of sin overwhelmed me. I tried to look toward my Father’s house, but the darkness was so thick I couldn’t even tell which direction was home. I was lost in my sin and trapped in darkness. How did I get here? How would I get home? Could I even go home?

I remembered my Father’s face and so much desired to Him again. I couldn’t find my way to Him so I did the only thing I knew. I cried out. “Father, save me! Please, Father, rescue me from this darkness!”

I had no idea if He would hear me or if He would rescue me, but He did. He was actually waiting for me to cry out to Him. He desired for me to return home, but was patiently listening for my cry.

He came and He rescued me. He’s now leading me back home again. Once in a while, those from the past like to remind me of the “good” times we had together. I then remind them of end result of those “good” times and the darkness that overwhelmed me. I never want to return to that place. I don’t even care to look in that direction. I turn, instead, and look to my Father, so strong and so wise. I hope to be like Him. I hope to please Him. I look forward to the day we walk in the door and He says, “Welcome, home, my son. Welcome home.”

* Derived from The Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32.