Pastor’s Pen: Danger in The Palace

Could living in a palace be dangerous?  When you read through the life of Joseph in Genesis chapters 37-50 you may not initially think so.

Many sermons talk about Joseph in the pit, the prison and the palace.  There is an idea emitted that if I serve God during this tough time I’ll end up in the perfect palace like Joseph.

But was the palace really such a wonderful place for Joseph?  I would venture to say that it was, in reality, a dangerous place.

Joseph’s family was promised long ago that the Lord would bring them to a Promised Land.  That is where they would be a great nation and other nations would be blessed through them.  Joseph, however, was not in that land.

He was far away in the land of Egypt.  He was not in the place that God has promised.  This was not good.  The nation of Israel was to have God as their king and to have godly rulers.

Egypt had an ungodly man as Pharaoh, ruler over all.  This was not good.  Joseph was not in a place that honored and worshipped the one true God.  They worshipped many other false gods and would want Joseph to do the same.

This was not good.  Joseph was given a wife to marry that was not of his people and grew up worshipping those false gods.  She would want her husband to follow suit.  This was not good.

Joseph was in an ungodly nation and had all the wealth he could ever desire.  He would have had great pressure and temptation to reject God for the glories of Egypt.

This was not good.

Would you be able to resist these temptations and continue to honor God?  Would your children or grandchildren?  The book of Genesis ends with Joseph’s entire family now in the land of Egypt, far from the Promised Land and in a place that did not worship the one true God.

This was very dangerous and not good.

Many times we want our children to have more money, more stuff and to live in luxury.  We want them to be better off than we were.  This, however, should not be our main goal.

Our goal should be to raise up children who worship the one true God.  Our desire should be to see them, whether rich or poor, highly educated or barely graduated, highly skilled or of little talent; to lift up the name of Christ and to love the one true God will all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength.

This Christmas as you buy all kinds of things for your kids and teens and grandchildren ponder for a moment, “Am I using this as an opportunity to draw them closer to the Lord or am I teaching them to love the things of this world?”

Make it your goal this Christmas and all year long to bring your children closer to the Lord so that, whether they are in the palace or the prison, they will worship God.