Pastor's Pen: Can we see him?

In the Book of Genesis, Adam and Eve first experienced the devil where he appeared in the form of a serpent; and with his confusing lies, introducing negative thoughts into their minds, he managed to deceive them.

Genesis 3:1-5, let's check it out:

The serpent was clever, more clever than any wild animal God had made. He spoke to the Woman: "Do I understand that God told you not to eat from any tree in the garden?"

The Woman said to the serpent, "Not at all. We can eat from the trees in the garden. It's only about the tree in the middle of the garden that God said, 'Don't eat from it; don't even touch it or you'll die.'"

The serpent told the Woman, "You won't die. God knows that the moment you eat from that tree, you'll see what's really going on. You'll be just like God, knowing everything, ranging all the way from good to evil."

Adam knew very well what God had told him, so we can assume that he relayed it to Eve.

God had told Adam not to eat of it, but Eve told the serpent that they couldn't touch it.

Did Adam take an extra step with the 'don't even touch it' to protect Eve?

Today we find ourselves far from the Garden of Eden, but there is the deceptions God has warned us of. It may not be the fruit of a tree, but it is that same devil who is still alive, still lying, still hoping to deceive those who he may deceive.

We will probably not find him again in the form of a serpent! How has he disguised himself today? He will be where he can have the greatest impact on the world.

One way would be through social-media, where people listen and watch as the truth is so easily twisted. He spreads doubts and causes that same thoughts of something being withheld from us, the same tactic the devil used in the Garden.

This can lead to confusion and fear of unimaginable proportion. We may be becoming more aware of those elected to protect us, being more interested in gaining vast fortunes for themselves; taking of the 'fruit' instead of following God!

"Can We See Him" within our own borders? We can see the spread of lawless riots, destroying other people's lives and property, showing no respect for the law or those who are to enforce it.

This should be raising the question, "where are we headed?" We should not follow Adam's path trying to hide from God. Instead, let's turn to God and His Word, it's so available with the apps on our phones if we don't have a Bible.

Within His Word we find many times where the situations surrounding mankind were so bleak that they finally consulted God, lifting their prayers and concern up to Him.

"Can We See Him" in our limited comprehension as human beings? We can be led into fear, confusion, being judgmental or placing blame where it does not belong. Falling to the devil's lies will cause even more division than we now are a witness too.

With the upcoming election that will have such an impact on our nation, we need to seek God's wisdom and guidance.

So let's first get right with God, lifting everything up to Him in united prayers.

Then will come the hard part to wait on Him and to listen to what the Holy Spirit is trying to tell us.