PASTOR'S PEN: The sun rising

Associate Pastor Ron Witbeck, Resurrection Life Church Big Rapids

Associate Pastor Ron Witbeck, Resurrection Life Church Big Rapids

Courtesy photo/Ron Witbeck

Every morning we can enjoy the rising of the sun, some days it can be hidden by the clouds, however it is still shining! Sadly for many people never take the time to even see the ‘The Sun Rising’ as it brings with it a new day.

As a deer hunter, I have on many occasions been in the woods well before dawn, only to be there amongst those creatures that own the night. Then sometimes with sleep trying to take control of the darkness, I watch the eastern sky begin to lighten over taking the darkness. Then watch as the rays of the sun with its luster paint the skies as only God can.

With the ‘The Sun Rising,’ the night creatures settle in resting from their work, while with this dawning the birds are beginning to "crip," praising their God, and the squirrels along with the chipmunks begin their scampering about. The life of the woods stretching out before me, what a blessing to take in ‘The Sun Rising’ hoping to see the big buck that I have prepared to harvest.

Sadly for many who are not hunters, may arise before ‘The Sun Rising’ to prepare for the day ahead. While some who are like the creatures of the night are finishing up looking forward to the rest that the morning provides.

Why can’t we all take a timeout from the hustle of life and watch the ‘The Sun Rising’ in the east as it has since God created it and enjoy the amazement of life.

In the book of Genesis 1:14-15 it tells us:

Then God said, “Let lights appear in the sky to separate the day from the night. Let them be signs to mark the seasons, days, and years.Let these lights in the sky shine down on the earth.” And that is what happened.”

Sadly, some of us may be in the middle of a personal storm that has darkened our lives, but we should focus on ‘The Sun Rising’! We all need to be strengthened and encouraged that through every storm of life there are clear skies and sunshine awaiting us on the other side.  

— Ron Witbeck is an associate pastor at Resurrection Life Church in Big Rapids.