PASTOR'S PEN: Thankful through tragedy

When tragedy occurs it’s easy to delve into hopelessness, depression or anger.  Last week when tragedy struck the Love in the Name of Christ office I witnessed something completely different.

Last Wednesday night the Love INC office in Cadillac burnt to the ground.  For any ministry that   would be devastating and it was no different here.  An emergency board meeting was called and, being on the board myself, I drove to Cadillac on Thursday afternoon uncertain of what to expect.  What I saw was an amazing testimony to the goodness of God and the trust of His people in Him.  Even before prayer began, God had been working.  Area businesses were willing to lend a hand to help get operations going once again.  People were already asking how they could help and were giving to the cause.  Reporters were doing a top-notch job of letting the public know what was going on in a courteous and understanding manner to those affected by this fire.  And the night before, the firefighters who came out rescued files and papers that, otherwise, would have been burnt up.  One firefighter even rescued a Bible that, though in the midst of other burnt papers, appeared as though it was never touched by the flames or heat.

But even before all of these wonderful things, God had been preparing Love INC for such a time as this.  Technical advice had saved many computer files.  The executive director was the perfect person to get everything lined up as needed.  There were board members who stepped up with experience to aid in this crisis.  Volunteers, churches and staff were all in prayer daily for this ministry that helps so many every year.  God had certainly been working.

As the board met that Thursday afternoon, there were not tears of sorrow as one might expect, but tears of joy.  There were thankful hearts to the many generous people of the community.  And there was praise to a most gracious God.

Even in tragedy God reveals His grace, mercy and love.  I am so thankful for a God that encourages me to “cast all my cares upon Him because He cares for me” (1 Peter 5:7).  What’s troubling you?  What stresses you out?  Give it to God today because He truly does care.