PASTOR'S PEN: Can there really be peace?

Can there really be peace? This Christmas we will seek to keep our minds "stayed on" our Prince of Peace, so that we can be kept in perfect peace (see Isaiah 26:3-4). In the New Year, let us actively pursue peace through The Peace Initiative.

If I have a "theme" to my teaching ministry, it probably would be "The Judgment of Charity." Constrained by the love of God and the example of Christ, I believe a reconciled relationship with Jesus must work out in the active, intentional and prayerful pursuit of peace with others, especially fellow Christ-followers.

To not pursue peace is to hinder the work God wants to do through the local church. I am convinced that the many broken relationships between believers is a critical stumbling block to the awakening I have been praying for these past 35 years.

We are working on providing many ways for all of us, as individuals, families, small groups, and as a local church, to pursue peace. Will you begin today by committing to daily pray for God's Spirit to powerfully move in you and in West Central Michigan this January, February and March?

The Peace Initiative will be a time of 70×7. Seventy days in seven ways, to put into practice the teachings on Shalom, given by Jesus. We will have opportunity to grow through sermons, workshops, Bible readings, study readings, working through case studies in our small groups, prayer, and Scripture meditation/memory.

If you are interested in more intentionally pursuing peace in your relationships, consider getting "The Peace Initiative: A Resource Manual for Pursuing Peace," written by Pastor Gary. You can find it easily by searching "The Peace Initiative" on