Letter to the editor: Contract for Evart Municipal Airport is too much to ask

To the editor: Holy Toledo! $550,000. Wait, let me look back at that figure in the paper. Yep, $550,000. For an 1,800 square foot building? Who in the heck was awarded this contract? Or who will be awarded this contract? I know, I know. Locally we will only have to pay $11,000. But folks, that $539,000 (grant) plus $11,000 (local) is taxpayer money (mine and yours) gone crazy. Don’t even try to tell me that an 1,800 square foot building should cost $550,000 to build and furnish. “If we don’t move forward with construction plans, we will need to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been collecting over the years specifically for this project,”said Melora, (director of the LDFA.) Collecting?? Have we been spending this money? Is it in an account to be spent on this project? Please don’t tell me ( the public) that you have been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get this building in a “go forward” position. And, if you have been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, what have you gotten for your buck? It might happen that the final contractor won’t make out too fabulously in the end, what with all the money that has already been “spent”. As the modern mantra goes: this out of control spending has got to begin with you and me speaking out. I have put myself out there. How about others?

Dorothy Bailey