LUKSHAITIS: Saying goodbye makes way for the future

By Matthew Lukshaitis

Pine River Area Schools Superintendent

As we honored our seniors last month, most schools across the county waved off one class and said goodbyes to great kids on their way to becoming great adults.

Life, like nature, of course, abhors a vacuum, and so as one group exits, another rises to take its place. We watch the seniors leave, my daughter Krista, the last of our five children, is among them. I will miss her presence in the school like crazy. We will all miss the seniors like crazy. Krista and her classmates will go to college, join the military, start jobs, careers and families. The kindergarten class of 2015, sorry, the Class of 2028 will enter in their stead, bright shinning faces all, ready and eager to be "big" and go to school, to ride the bus and be awed by all the mysteries of the vicissitudes of elementary life. In the meantime, right behind the seniors, a new senior class will step in line, the Class of 2016, the new kings and queens of the hallway. Behind them, the Class or 2017, and so on.

As we feel time moving and ebbing along as adults, it's good to remember life as we know it doesn't just inch along ... for students in school it accelerates like a freight train, carrying loads of hope and faith and eagerness into the future, waiting to burst forth into the adult world, the life after school so many of them can't wait to greet and conquer.

I look at the faces on my computer screen this morning, sent by one of our high school teachers who is our NHS advisor and I am proud of course, that these young men and women are from Pine River, but even more so that another group is there, ready and willing to pick up one of the mantles left lying around by the exiting senior class. Life is special, and for all of us, it's good to remember that as we cheer on those special to us.