LAYTON DUTTON: What do I believe?

We’ve just passed the Passion Week which includes the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  To some, this is the only important thing in the Bible.  They hold to the belief that “if everything else in the Bible were proven false, this would still be true and be enough”.  Does this make any logical sense?  If I handed you a manual for your car to fix the exhaust system and everything in it was false, would you even bother with the section on the transmission?  Probably not.  You would have no reason to believe anything else in it.  The person who put that manual together cannot be trusted.  The same is true with the Bible.  If you cannot trust what is written in other parts of the Bible then what makes you think you can trust the parts about Jesus Christ?

I read this question from someone who does not believe the Bible, “If I reject Biblical inerrancy (meaning that the Bible does not contain errors in its original manuscripts), what use is the Bible to me as a Christian?”  This is a very valid argument and flies in the face of those that refuse to admit that the Bible is the Word of God and completely true, yet believe Jesus Christ is Lord.  The consideration must be made, “Do I believe the Bible is God’s Word or don’t I?  Do I trust God or don’t I?”

Am I saying that someone cannot be a Christ-follower and refuse to believe in the Genesis account of creation or that there was a literal Tower of Babel?  No.  That is not a requirement for salvation.  I am saying that it is not logical nor does it hold up to the arguments one would bring against the Bible as God’s Word.

Do you believe the Bible?  Do you hold to it being without error?  Perhaps you aren’t ready to answer that yet.  Even if you do believe it, I encourage you to ask questions as you read the Bible and find your answers in it.  One site,, goes to the Bible and gives some excellent answers to many questions.  There are other sites as well.  Just view all with caution and compare it to what God’s Word says.

Read the Bible and ask questions.  The answers are there if you seek them out.