KRISTINA BEERS: Creating a community to stay in

I very seldom watch television; mostly this is due to the fact that I love to read and stir the intellect. Partly, too, I firmly believe one must practice what one expects from children, therefore we do not turn the TV on unless there is a specific reason and/or show we decided we would like to watch. 

One series, however, that has captured my entire brood is “Downton Abbey” on PBS. The writing is sharp, humor is crisp, and the cast is quite remarkable. A primary character in this series is Lady Mary, the eldest daughter of Lord Grantham, who, per a focus of the series, should be married in order for “Downton” to survive. There are many families and individuals who rely on the success of the estate and subsequent properties. 

In a previous season, Lady Mary did, in fact, marry her love Matthew, and they had a grand celebration. As the wedding party toured through the streets, the townsfolk dressed in their best attire, decorated every building and cheered the couple on as they paraded through town.

The happiness and joyfulness was genuine on the part of the townsfolk; with the union and promise of children, chances greatly improved for the success and survival of their livelihood, securing a more stable future for the countryside.

This past weekend saw the wedding of two very dear friends of ours. The bride is both from a long-time family in our area and also a small-business owner. It behooves the community to celebrate a marriage from such people as they plan to stay, flourish, and bring with their union the promise of children.

Similar to “Downton” (but not because of it as she has not seen more than one episode) the couple presented an open invitation to our community to celebrate with them.

It was a ton of work, but so well worth it as the delight hearkens back to what it means to live and thrive in small, rural Michigan.

All five of my children will likely not remain here in Mecosta County, but maybe, when good community-oriented couples do stay and thrive, we have invested parents in our education system, strong families and care for each other, there will be meritorious reasons to keep it a strong contender.

Kristina Beers lives in the Remus area with her husband and five sons. She shares her thoughts on parenting teenagers and young adults.