JIM CREES: We have met the enemy ...

If you have been wearing blinders and earmuffs lately, you may be surprised to learn the government of these United States is barely functioning.

The Democrats blame the Republicans’ intransigence. The Republicans blame the Democrats inability to compromise or discuss issues at hand.

Everybody struts around beating their collective chests - between times when they are taking a break and heading home for the weekend ...or more. (It’s hard work not getting anything done all day.)

Fact is, they are useless. The whole bunch of them. GOP and Dems alike.


All you need to do is watch one news program featuring interviews with any of them and you’re left wondering and rubbing your eyes.

They have a discussion. One side talks about one thing. The other side talks about something completely different. The executive branch talks about a third topic altogether.

Then they all trot out to the news cameras with a great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

They all beat their chest in mourning, but none actually cry out, “Mia culpa. Mia culpa. Mia maxima culpa.”

It’s all about the other guy, but rarely is the wailing really about the issue at hand. Instead, parts of the government are shutdown and other branches and departments are barely functioning.

Vets can’t get into parks and memorials, so the GOP and Tea Party blames the Muslim, Socialist President Obama, (not the National Parks Authority which is now shutdown because it is unfunded.)

The Dems blame the GOP for the coming End of Times and the economic apocalypse looming in the wings.

Everybody blames everybody for everything.

BUT ...nothing gets done.


And the people of this Great Nation.

Wellllll ...they, that is to say “we,” are getting sicker and sicker of the entire situation every day.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, consider what folks polled by the Gallup organization think and believe.

“As Congress’ inability to agree on compromises that would reopen the partially shut-down government and raise the looming debt ceiling continues, Americans give Congress an 11 percent job approval rating, down eight percentage points from last month and one point above the worst rating in Gallup history,” says the Gallup team.

One point above the worst rating in history!

A simple question was asked

“Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?”

Not do you approve of the way Dems or Republicans are doing. Just “Congress” in its totality of members.

“The drop in Congress’ approval rating is fueled in large part by Democrats’ declining approval of Congress -- from 20 percent in September to 5 percent in October,” the Gallup report points out

“Approval ratings among Republicans and independents have also fallen, but by much smaller margins. The big drop in Democrats’ approval of Congress most certainly reflects Democrats’ negative views of the Republican-controlled House, in which leadership has publicly demanded that the president and Democrats in Congress agree to changes in the Affordable Care Act as a condition for passing a continuing resolution or a budget.

“Overall, however, approval of Congress is very low across all partisan groups.”

Allow me to repeat that last line:

“Overall, however, approval of Congress is very low across all partisan groups.”

The Gallup team of researchers continues:

“Americans’ current approval of Congress is well below where it was in the broad time period surrounding the government shutdown in December 1995.

“Gallup did not measure Congress’ job approval frequently in that era, but it was 30 percent in September 1995, prior to the shutdown, and 35 percent when Gallup next measured it in April 1996, after the shutdown.”


But, here’s the problem.

In a very short while, when the next election cycle rolls around, we Americans will once again demonstrate our astonishing ability to completely forget how these “representatives” of ours have been behaving, and we once again will vote straight up and down party lines for the same people to return to the same offices.

It’s kinda just what we do.

In our voting, we rarely if ever actually hold our elected officials - at either state or national levels - accountable for the abysmal job they are doing ruining ...er ...that is to say, running our country.

At the end of the day, ladies and gentlemen, it isn’t Obama’s fault; the situation isn’t the Dems fault; the debacle isn’t the fault of the GOP - It’s OUR fault.

It is we who so vociferously yell, “Throw out the bums” then dutifully head for the polls and vote the same guys back into exactly the same office - time, after, time, after time.

In the eternal words of that great American philosopher Pogo:

“We have met the enemy, and he is us!”