So ...Justin Beiber has a social conscience.

Kinda ...

Sorta ...

Justin, the poor boy, has had a tough time while touring Europe.

The barely-legal singer got panned in England, and then had to leave his pet monkey, (shades of Michael Jackson), in quarantine on the continent and continue on tour alone - without the only member of his entourage who certainly understands the singer’s pubescent groaning and sighing on stage.

I’m not going to critique Beiber’s music. Different strokes for different folks‚ — as they used to say.

I do, however, find the guttural grunts and groans in such unforgettable ballads as “Favorite Girl” “One Less Lonely Girl” “Never Let You Go” “Runaway Love” and “Somebody To Love” a bit tedious and boring.

And the crotch grabbing??? C’mon! Give me a break.

But Beiber really hit his stride a couple  weeks past. He showed he had the same social awareness and sense of history as Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman, Billy Joel, k.d. lang, Sarah McLachlan, and a list of others, (just kidding!)

He went to visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

(Quick ...Google Anne Frank so you can know what I’m talking about!)

Anne Frank was a 13-year old German-born Dutch Jew who, with her family, hid from the Nazis in a small secret room in Amsterdam. Throughout the war, she kept a journal detailing the life of a young girl of that time, and under those horrifying conditions.

She almost survived the war. Almost.

After having the secret hiding place exposed to the Nazis, Anne Frank was sent to the death camps and died in Auschwitz.

After the war - the building with the secret hiding space - was turned into a much visited museum. In fact, it is almost a place of pilgrimage.

Beiber visited the museum. Good.

But ...on leaving he wrote:

“Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber.”

Now for the old and/or uninitiated, “Belieber” is the term for a fan of Beiber — a super fan.

So ...young Beiber visits the museum home of the most famous young victim of Hitler’s insanity, and the best he can offer after noting how inspired he was is, “Hopefully she would have been a Belieber.”


Really, you little twit?

Do you really think you are the center of the universe?

Do you really think your silly stage contortions, whining squeaks and grunts, and your ridiculous crotch grabbing are really that important in the larger scale of things.

Did you even think before you wrote your ridiculous comments down for all to see.

Anne Frank wrote her feelings down not knowing all the world would see them. They were her diaries.

You pen your prepubescent silliness thinking everyone really gives a crap what you have to say.

Even thinking Anne Frank would be a “Beliber” is astonishingly pretentious.

Why would she be?

She wrote about the dreams and desires of a young woman under terrifying circumstances and looking death in the face daily.

You struggle to continue on with life without your monkey.

Why only Anne Frank, you silly little boy? Why shouldn’t you suspect Rosa Parks might have been a “Beliber”?

Why wouldn’t Martin Luther King, Jr. be a “Belieber”?

Really, Justin?

Are you so crushingly prideful that you think everyone - past, present, or future - should be a ‘Belieber.’?

Do you think you have anything seriously substantial to offer ...anyone?

There are many more impressive kids than you floating around the globe.

Take Thandiwe Chama who received the International Children’s Peace Prize five years ago. In international salute, it is noted, “When she was only eight year old her school had no teachers so she along with other 60 small children walked in search of another school. She got motivated by this and started to work of this noble cause. She is fighting from then on for the education of children.”

Then there is Rachel Wheeler who from the age of 12-years old and has worked for the betterment of a lot people she doesn’t even know. She started different fund raising programs and within three years she collected $250,000 dollars and helped the victims of Haiti who lost everything in the earthquake.

The people living there have named a new village as Rachel’s Village given tribute to this amazing kid.

And who can forget Malala Yousafzai a Pakistani girl who at the age of 15 has taught women to stand up for themselves. She is a youth activist who raised her voice for women and children’s rights in Pakistan.

In October of 2012 she was shot by the Taliban for demanding that girls have the right to get an education and determine their own lives. This girl has also been awarded the International Children’s Peace Prize and also the Pakistan’s National Youth Peace Prize.

And then there is Mr. Beiber, who thinks everyone in the world should be a “Beliber” because he did ...

What did he do?