JIM CREES: The thing I’m least looking forward to in 2015 is ...

The question has been asked, and so I will answer.

What am I NOT looking forward to in 2015?

Welllllll ... what I am least anticipating, absolutely least looking forward to is a Bush vs. Clinton campaign season.

I’ve actually written about this before and I’ll probably say it again.

I believe either of the two in the White House will be a mistake.

But ... hey! I understand what I think simply makes little or no difference.


When I last wrote about the possibility of either a Clinton or Bush dynasty in these United States, neither of the two had actually declared their intentions of making a run for the presidency.

Then, last week Jeb Bush announced he was officially considering thinking about the possibility of possibly considering the potential of conceivably possibly running for office.

Whoooooosh! It’s good we have decisive leadership in this nation!

Gentle reader. All of Mr. Bush’s “exploratory committee” silliness can basically be broken down to three points: How will he poll with potential backers; How he will poll with “The Base”: and how he will poll with “The People.”

Some people will support Bush because he is ... a Bush.

Others will be equally as adamant in their opposition because Jeb is ... a Bush.

My prediction, however, is that he will be at the least a strong candidate because whether you like it or not, he is ... a Bush.

Then there is Ms. Clinton, (OK. Sen. Clinton.)

On the categorically opposite side of the ballot there will be some who support her because she is ... a Clinton.

Others will not.

And with a distinct advantage over Bush, Clinton has the extra added magic of being a woman.

But they are both Clintons and Bushes. The 2015 race kick-off leading up to the 2016 election will ultimately be the same race Americans voters were watching a quarter century back - same names, but different faces.

But, at the end of the day, same old stuff.

Luckily for Bush, many people are simply tired of seeing Bill Clinton charming his way around the country.

Luckily for Clinton, the Bush family’s evil shadow - Dick Cheney - is still out and about telling everyone who will listen that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and torture is actually intensified tickling.

With a new Bush in the White House, things might be a smidge different, but they won’t be any better.

And with a Clinton in the White House ... ditto.

What am I most NOT looking forward to in the year to come? More talk about “dynasty.”

I wrote it before, and I’ll simply repeat it here again:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I implore you.

We should not be bantering about a word such as “dynasty” when we discuss the leadership of this nation – our elective democracy.

Just because you happen to be a Clinton, Bush, or Kennedy, does not immediately qualify you for leadership, and even though Jeb and Hillary are and have been in various leadership roles does not mean we do not have others either equally or even more eminently qualified.

If we take two equally qualified candidates for any given office, why would the family name of one make them more qualified than the other?

I’m not suggesting that neither Hillary nor Jeb is qualified to be president. Perchance both are. But we, as a nation, should be mature enough in our voting to avoid anything smacking of a dynastic regime.

Simply assuming that a person — even a qualified person — is that much more qualified than the next person to hold the highest office in the land because of their last name is very, Very, VERY unhealthy.

And by that same token choosing one of them — Hillary or Jeb — to be president simply because of the family name … specifically for the sake of “dynasty” …is simply crazy.

We should be nurturing good, honest and capable leaders, but also should be doing everything we can to avoid even the perception of an dynastic oligarchy.

I would suggest that the idea of “dynasty” in these United States of America should be so repugnant as to preclude any strange desire to have a second Clinton or third Bush comfortably ensconced in the White House.

There are others of similar ability.

There are others — men, women, and of diverse origins — who can do the job just as well without bringing old baggage on a new journey.

Man alive, I am not looking forward to the politics scene that will develop in 2015.