JIM CREES: Religious fascism endangers women's rights

Sharia law is insinuating itself into these United States. Over the past few years, more and more examples have become evident of Islamic Sharia law being extended to the furthest corners of the U.S.

A while back, a Muslim sect passed a resolution affirming a hierarchical chain of command and saying that women must be excluded from spiritual leadership “to preserve a submission” Women, it said, were limited to work in the congregation, but never leadership.

A Muslim confession of faith denied God’s power to call a woman to ministry noting “the office of leadership is limited to men.”

In 1998, a Sharia court advised wives that they must “graciously submit” to their husbands.

And when there are children, Sharia law suggests energetic discipline, including beating children as young as four, five, and seven months with switches. One Sharia commentary proudly discusses a woman beating a four month old with willow switches.

Sharia has also drifted over into the public square. Recently, a Muslim parochial school baseball team refused to play a state final game because there was a girl player on the opposing side.

It is forbidden.

Sharia is slowly but surely taking over ...

Excuse me. What’s that?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...

This isn’t about Sharia at all.

The first examples noted came from the Southern Baptist Convention. Then there is an example from Quiverfull - a Christian group vehemently opposed to birth control of any kind.

Then there is the horrifying “Christ inspired” guide to children’s discipline entitled “Train Up A Child’ by Michael Pearls.

Finally, it wasn’t a Muslim group that didn’t want to play baseball against a girl, it was a Catholic team.

Fox News reports from Arizona:

“Our Lady of Sorrows refused to play Mesa Preparatory Academy in Thursday’s scheduled Arizona Charter Athletic Association state championship game, because that team has Paige Sultzbach at second base. The 15-year-old agreed to sit out a pair of regular season victories over Our Lady of Sorrows ... But with everything on the line tonight, Sultzbach wasn’t willing to stay glued to the bench — even if it means no game at all.”

What I find most sad is that twice during her regular season, Paige sat out games “out of respect for the team’s beliefs.” Twice!!


Listen to me, young lady. You should have ZERO respect for the beliefs of anyone who will not play against you simply because you are a girl.

A spokesperson for Our Lady of Sorrows noted the school believes in “forming and educating boys and girls separately. Teaching our boys to treat ladies with deference, we choose not to place them in an athletic competition where proper boundaries can only be respected with difficulty.”


Baseball is by no definition a contact sport. You could be teaching boys to treat girls “with deference” by teaching them that women are equals not inferiors.

You could teach deference by not suggesting that a girl in a baseball uniform is some sort of temptress - a Lilith out to destroy your manhood.

If Our Lady’s planners had any respect for themselves, the kids, the league, and the game, they should have never played in the first place.

And Paige should  never, Never, NEVER have missed a game out of some misguided respect for something so unworthy of respect.

More and more, nervous Christians and Jews in this country are worried about Islamic Sharia law. They are fired up and goaded on by those who should least be drawing attention to religious fascism - the religious fascists.

Concerned about Sharia law, Christians (specifically some overly enthusiastic Catholic and Evangelical groups) and Jews, (specifically some orthodox and Hasidic groups), are promoting their own denigration of women with impunity.

Using misinterpreted and out-of-context Scripture, holier-than-thou theologians hope to subjugate women as they have for thousands of years and keep them barefoot and pregnant - to the glory of God.

They call the enslavement of women “submission.” They call the suffering that goes with this submission “a gift.”

Well, it’s high time that women stood up and said, “We’re not going to sit in the dugout and let the ball game go on without us.”

There is no need to “respect the team’s beliefs” if those beliefs leave you out of the game.

Despite what some pseudo-scholars may preach, there is no Biblical rationalizing for placing women, (or anyone else for that matter), in a state of indentured servitude to some man, for the glory of God.

It is a horrifying, self-promoting bluff, and a theology promoted by men, to benefit men, and to specifically control women.

For thousands of years, men controlled the message.

Not any more.