JIM CREES: More fudging of the facts

Don’t misunderstand me for one moment. I AM NOT writing disparagingly about teachers (or anyone else for that matter.) I would like to point out, however, that in my experience there are some very intelligent, learned, and well-trained people in any number of jobs or positions who are not necessarily smart.

Intelligence does not always translate into smarts.

Back in the day, I had some exceptional teachers. I also had some doozies - as, I imagine, have we all.

(I won’t name any of my “doozies” since there are far too many former Detroiters in this area!)

I had a science teacher who regularly suggested we, her students, not eat potatoes and tomatoes together at one sitting. The combination - she claimed — created some form of toxic blend that could stunt our growth and might eventually kill us.

I had a math teacher who would discipline unruly students by making them crawl under their desks and sit there for the rest of the class. If, for example, I was causing a ruckus, she would come along and say: “Bow wow, Mr. Crees. You are now in the dog house. Go to your home.”

Since everyone thought she was a bit ... er ... tetched ... we would climb under our desks - no questions asked!

Embarrassing ... but there you have it.

Recently, my daughter sent me a news article discussing some folks down in North Carolina who completely flipped out over the prospect of the construction of a solar energy ‘farm’ in their neighborhood.

The village council refused to rezone an area which would allow the construction of the energy farm for some interesting reasons.

The Roanoke-Chowan Herald-News reported a Mr. Bobby Mann said the farm would “suck up all the energy from the sun and businesses would not come to Woodland.”

This was backed up by a retired science teacher Jane Mann (apparently Bobby’s wife) who claimed the proposed solar ranch could disturb photosynthesis -the process of converting light energy from the sun into chemical energy for fuel - in the area and stop plants from growing.

In addition, she added that no one could tell her solar panels didn’t cause cancer.

The Herald-News reported “The Woodland Town Council turned down the proposal, effectively stopping the company from building the planned renewable energy ranch. The council later voted to put a moratorium on future solar farms in the area.”


So ...

I guess we can expect this type of stuff from “folks in the pews,” but from our potential leadership?

Ted Cruz ( and almost all the other GOP candidates for president) have steadfastly decided to pander to “The Base” by simply ignoring and actively disputing any scientific evidence having to do with global warming or climate change.

Despite the fact the entire world (other than the U.S.) agrees there is a big problem, far too many people in this country still think climate change is a false crisis made up by our Nigerian (or is he a Kenyan?) president.

Cruz took this silliness to the nth degree recently pointing out there was no evidence - zero, nada, nothing, zilch - to demonstrate any climate change whatsoever. NONE!

In fact, he noted, there is every evidence climate change actually IS NOT taking place.

“The scientific evidence doesn’t support global warming,” he told National Public Radio in an interview. “For the last 18 years, the satellite data—we have satellites that monitor the atmosphere. The satellites that actually measure the temperature showed no significant warming whatsoever.”

OK, since many of my readers will grasp this as real, actual evidence, let me point out a few things.

You simply cannot take a random period of time that fits your agenda and hold this up as “evidence” of anything. Choosing 18 years as a scale to measure anything is simply bizarre. So ... why then did Cruz choose eighteen years?

‘Cause 18-years ago, we had an exceptionally hot year. If you chart the numbers and place your pencil at a point 18-years ago and then draw a line across the chart, just about everything will fall above or below the line, but between this year and the point 18-years ago, there will show “ ... no significant warming whatsoever.”

If you ignore evidence gathered over the past 25, 50, 75, and 100 years, and wholly and solely base your ‘science’ on a single 18-year period, you are in for real trouble.

Ask any investment counselor if they would be willing to base a retirement investment program on one, single 18-year investment period.

Um ...I don’t think so.

So Cruz is fudging the data.

I wish my math teacher was still around to say, “Bow wow, Teddy Cruz. You’re in the dog house ...”

But she’s not, and certainly his followers and supporters don’t care whether he fudges the data or not.