JIM CREES: Liars. Liars. Pants on fire.

Aregular reader sent me an email this week asking how I could possibly explain (they used the phrase “How can you defend ...) the fact that leaders throughout the Islamic, (read: Moslem) world were, and are completely silent following the murderous attacks on the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper in Paris, France.

During the attack and following security crisis, almost two dozen journalists, police officers, and civilians were killed, supposedly as some twisted response to the magazine poking fun at the Prophet Mohammed — a historical figure having almost divine attributes in the world of Islam.

The situation in Paris is still well in the world eye, both in the category of 'breaking news” as the investigation continues to unfold, and in “news commentary,” as print and electric media journalists look deeply into, and discuss, the incident.

And when such an incident of terror does take place, a strident cry goes out from some quarters asking the inevitable question, “Where is the outrage in the Moslem world???”

For example, a guest on FOX News’ America’s Newsroom — Steve Emerson — asked angrily why we don’t see or hear “... denunciations of radical Islam, by name, by mainstream Islamic groups.”

FOX has been leading the charge when it comes to condemning Moslems around the globe for keeping their mouth’s closed and their ink pens dry when it is time to speak out against “Islamic violence.”

Except, they — the FOX team and others of their ilk — simply lie.

They lie.

FOX has repeatedly said members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations refused to criticize or condemn the Paris attackers in particular and so-called “Islamic violence” in general.

But, immediately following the attacks in Paris, a spokesperson for the COIR organization said:

“We strongly condemn this brutal and cowardly attack and reiterate our repudiation of any such assault on freedom of speech, even speech that mocks faiths and religious figures.

“The proper response to such attacks on the freedoms we hold dear is not to vilify any faith, but instead to marginalize extremists of all backgrounds who seek to stifle freedom and to create or widen societal divisions.

“We offer sincere condolences to the families and loved ones of those killed or injured in this attack. We also call for the swift apprehension of the perpetrators, who should be punished to the full extent of the law.”

Why did no one at FOX bother to report on that statement?

The head of the Arab League, an organization representing almost two dozen Arab countries (all of which are Moslem) quickly released a statement following the attack saying amongst other things: “Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi strongly condemns the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris.”

Even in Iran ... yes, Iran! ... a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said:

“Such actions are a continuation of radical waves and physical aggressions which have spread throughout the world in the past decade, and incorrect policies and double standards in confronting extremism and violence have unfortunately given way to a spreading of such undertakings.”

Closer to home, and within easy reach of FOX reporters, a spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the USA issued a statement saying:

“When we study Islam, we see clearly that the Quran condemns this kind of violence categorically. That Prophet Muhammad said that a Muslim is one from whom all others are safe … This is not about religion. This is about political power, this is about uneducated, ignorant youth who are being manipulated by clerics and extremists. And this is why it’s all the more important for us, as the moderates, regardless of faith, to stay united and combat this.”

A quick phone call to the Birmingham Islamic Society (Birmingham in Alabama!) would have supplied FOX reporters and Islamaphobes throughout the area with this comment:

“This attack in no way represents the teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammad. There are many examples from the life of prophet where he could have responded physically to those who mocked him.

“On the contrary, he wished them well and prayed for them. Our heart goes out to those who were brutally murdered in this cowardice terrorist attack by the so called defenders of Islam.”

And then ...

“This extremely grave barbaric action is also an attack against democracy and the freedom of the press.”

This comment came not from FOX, but rather from representatives of the French Muslim Council (CFCM.)

And more .. .and more ... and more ...

But the FOX team and their fans throughout the country have little or no interest in reporting on what really is going on, but rather in continuing to fan the flames of fear for Islam and the Arab world by stating not only the un-obvious, but also repeatedly stating the un-true.

If, indeed, there is truth to the statement “Liars. Liars. Pants on fire” the FOX team and far too many people around the state and nation should be suffering from severely charred pantaloons.