JIM CREES: Dear Mr. Trump...

An open letter to Donald Trump.

Dear Mr. Trump,

So... you don’t like the press. The media “is disgusting.”

Ahhhhhh... poor puppy. So beleaguered and oppressed.

What I find interesting is that you are so completely unable to admit the media is what (and who) made you. The incredible amount of newspaper space and airtime dedicated to Donald Trump is what really made you. Nay, the incredible amount of WASTED space and airtime.

Donald Trump is a manufactured personality. Now, I admit, you’re a sharp guy. You’re also a flim-flam man and a snake oil merchant. And... you have managed to manipulate the media to your own desires. You played the major news organizations and networks like a fiddle.

BUT...when they start actually asking questions and looking into your past (as they have done exhaustively with Hillary Clinton, by the way), then you get testy... and nervous.

Your relationship with the press has always been one of “You can promote me, but don’t ask any questions.”

So now questions are finally, Finally, FINALLY being asked, you and your followers get all, “The media is picking on me.” Oh, puhlease!!!

Donald, dude, you are running for the office of President of the United States. (I shudder to think you may actually win.) Quit whining and get down to business... finally.

Look, you aren’t gonna get a free ride... I hope. You are going to be grilled... I hope. You will continue to be called to accounts.

So you continue to be you, and I will continue to be a disgusting me.

I will continue to be your version of “a sleaze” and you will continue to be a liar.

I will call you on your lies and your continuing bullwash, and you will continue to whine about how you are being treated so unfairly.

You will continue to make up stories about the things you plan to do, and I and other members of the disgusting media will continue to call you out.

You will continue to say you’re going to build a wall, and we - the media - will watch and see how much of this fictitious structure will ever, Ever, EVER be built.

You will create economic policies that will devastate this nation, and we will sharpen our pencils and do the math while your supporters suffer the results of your incredible folly.

You will insult and antagonize our enemies while at the same time alienating, disaffecting and estranging our friends with your schoolyard bully style of talk.

You will cut us off from Great Britain, Germany, France and just about everyone else, while your supporters puff up with the notion of “America first” as a diplomatic policy.

And we will call you out on it. (Or at least some of us will... me and the other the disgusting ones!)

Donald, you are a silly little man wrapping yourself up with the cloak of importance.

We, the media, will continue to be the kid who cries out “The emperor has no clothes.” Remember?

A proud and vainglorious emperor who really didn’t care about anything or anyone other than himself just loved getting gussied up and having everyone admire and fawn over him.

The emperor was always “the best,” “the smartest,” and always had “the best words.”

Those surrounding and supporting him concurred and strengthened him in his illusion and disillusion.

Not only was he the greatest, but he was going to make them great as well.

They all pretended he made sense, so he continued to talk nonsense full in the mistaken knowledge he was the best-dressed, coolest, and smartest in the land.

His supporters themselves wove him a suit of clothing - out of air, dust and smoke.

He wore this suit and the foggy cloak of pseudo-wisdom when he traveled out to visit the people. They adored him and adored the suit of clothing - clothing which was, in fact, slowly but surely disappearing in the morning breeze.

And then, in a loud voice, one kid pointed out, “The emperor has no clothes.”

He was naked. He was not “the best.” Nor “the smartest.” Nor did he have “the best words.”

He was exposed.

And his followers, and his supporters, and his courtiers went home saying, “What the hell have we done?”

Donald, I desperately want to be in the ranks of that kid.

And if you want to put me on the “enemies list” it has been reported you and your team are creating, I beg you, please, Please, PLEASE add me to the list.

I didn’t make Nixon’s “enemies list.” Nor did I get on anything Bush may have created. Please don’t leave me off your list.

I would be SO proud to even have a place near the bottom.